Saturday, 24 October 2009

Question Time - the aftermath

While some far-left personalities tried to stop the BBC from having Nick Griffin on Question Time, the Corporation had other ideas; they insisted on keeping to their promise and their charter by going ahead with the programme. Very commendable.

But of course, as Mr. Griffin's message reproduced in the previous article on here clearly shows, it was obvious that there was to be no 'tolerance and fairness' for a man standing up for the British people. We now know that David Dimbleby encouraged the audience to boo - something he's frowned on in previous QTs; the specially picked multicultural audience members were given a sheet listing the panel's profiles - in each case highlighting their views on race.
We also now know, along with almost 8,000,000 viewers, that Mr. Griffin was continually chopped off before he could expand his point, that the usual format was abandoned, and that the show descended into nothing more than an appalling 'Get Griffin' hour. No doubt the BBC, Dimbleby, the violent UAF, and the other panel members felt very pleased with their overt bullying and ignorant behaviour, crowing: "Job done, we showed him!" afterwards.

Unfortunately, it backfired spectacularly. What are the results so far?

* Two thirds of complaints to the BBC were from people protesting against Mr. Griffin's treatment on the programme.

* A YouGov poll shows support for the BNP rising, with 22% of those polled saying that they would seriously consider voting BNP.

* The majority of comments on the BBC's 'Have Your Say' messageboard sympathised with Mr. Griffin, even those who would not vote BNP.

* The 'most recommended' comments, some running into many hundreds, under articles about the programme are those that defend Mr. Griffin and/or deplore his treatment.

* The BNP has received 9,000 enquiries, up until this morning, which are likely to translate into memberships when they are re-opened.
Update, 28th. October: 25,000 enquiries

* The Times has rated Nick Griffin’s performance on Question Time as good as that of the Justice Minister Jack Straw who has the reputation as one of the best debaters in the House of Commons. Sam Coates, the newspaper’s chief political correspondent gave the British National Party chairman 7 out of 10 and said that he had achieved his game plan of acknowledging that “the elite” hates him, denying his extremism and concentrating on his key message of standing up for the British.

* The viewing public, 8,000,000 strong, now have seen for themselves the hypocracy touted about 'tolerance and fairness' by the liberal elite - it only goes one way.

* An article in Saturday's Daily Mail vindicates all who feel uneasy about the relentless tide of immigration; Andrew Neather, a speechwriter who worked in Downing St. with Tony Blair, and in the Home Office for Jack Straw and David Blunkett has said that the real reason for the huge increases over the last 10 years was a deliberate attempt to engineer a more multicultural Britain. He claims that there was a plan to open up the UK to mass immigration and, as well as plugging the labour market gap, was also a 'driving political purpose' behind the policy.

That's why they desperately need to shut Nick Griffin and the BNP up. Sadly for them it won't happen, because the indigenous population are fast waking up to their despicable, gutter tactics that were blatantly in evidence last Thursday night.

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Now we are in a new era. Onwards and upwards.