Tuesday, 20 October 2009


The so-called "new BNP membership list" published today on the Internet is a malicious forgery.

We have had a chance to examine the list in detail and can unequivocally say that it is not a genuine BNP list.

It is a concoction of the 'old' list plus a number of inquiries received, but, most disturbingly, it contains thousands of names of people with whom the BNP has had no contact whatsoever.

The list includes thousands of people with renewal and membership numbers next to their names which are totally false and made up.

We have no idea from where this information has been drawn. Some of it looks like random items drawn from a telephone book. Some parts of the list looked like information which was taken from the home of an ex-BNP employee by police during an earlier investigation.

The Party had been the subject of extensive attacks by the state during the entire European election period. Over that time, twenty sacks of mail disappeared in the post, and were only delivered six weeks after the election date after we threatened to call in the police.

The high degree of fraud used in compiling the list was a serious criminal offence. In the interests of the totally unconnected people named in this list, we will not be confirming or denying any details contained in this new attempt to subvert the BNP.

The media in particular deserve criticism their blatant sensationalism concerning the publication of this new 'list'.

Government departments, including the Ministry of Defence, have time and time again lost sensitive data on laptops left in trains, or have thrown lists into skips for cleaners to find. Recently, the entire Royal Air Force payroll was up for grabs on the Internet.

These events are sidelined with a cursory reference in the media. Yet, when we, as a legal political party have our data stolen, the media makes a circus of it. It is hypocritical in the extreme.

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Rijker said...

The secret files:

"Property has been bought up by coloured landlords, who have then made the position of white tenants intolerable,and entire streets have gone over to a coloured population." -


They knew, and they carried on with it.
They knew it would lead to
disposession and the displacement of indigenous Britions, and they increased
immigration anyway.
They know what is happening.
They know what they've done.

The indigenous British know too.

But its "racist" to resist our own extinction.
It's "fascist" to not want our country destroyed.

They should hang for what they have done to us!