Saturday, 24 October 2009

Question Time - the aftermath

While some far-left personalities tried to stop the BBC from having Nick Griffin on Question Time, the Corporation had other ideas; they insisted on keeping to their promise and their charter by going ahead with the programme. Very commendable.

But of course, as Mr. Griffin's message reproduced in the previous article on here clearly shows, it was obvious that there was to be no 'tolerance and fairness' for a man standing up for the British people. We now know that David Dimbleby encouraged the audience to boo - something he's frowned on in previous QTs; the specially picked multicultural audience members were given a sheet listing the panel's profiles - in each case highlighting their views on race.
We also now know, along with almost 8,000,000 viewers, that Mr. Griffin was continually chopped off before he could expand his point, that the usual format was abandoned, and that the show descended into nothing more than an appalling 'Get Griffin' hour. No doubt the BBC, Dimbleby, the violent UAF, and the other panel members felt very pleased with their overt bullying and ignorant behaviour, crowing: "Job done, we showed him!" afterwards.

Unfortunately, it backfired spectacularly. What are the results so far?

* Two thirds of complaints to the BBC were from people protesting against Mr. Griffin's treatment on the programme.

* A YouGov poll shows support for the BNP rising, with 22% of those polled saying that they would seriously consider voting BNP.

* The majority of comments on the BBC's 'Have Your Say' messageboard sympathised with Mr. Griffin, even those who would not vote BNP.

* The 'most recommended' comments, some running into many hundreds, under articles about the programme are those that defend Mr. Griffin and/or deplore his treatment.

* The BNP has received 9,000 enquiries, up until this morning, which are likely to translate into memberships when they are re-opened.
Update, 28th. October: 25,000 enquiries

* The Times has rated Nick Griffin’s performance on Question Time as good as that of the Justice Minister Jack Straw who has the reputation as one of the best debaters in the House of Commons. Sam Coates, the newspaper’s chief political correspondent gave the British National Party chairman 7 out of 10 and said that he had achieved his game plan of acknowledging that “the elite” hates him, denying his extremism and concentrating on his key message of standing up for the British.

* The viewing public, 8,000,000 strong, now have seen for themselves the hypocracy touted about 'tolerance and fairness' by the liberal elite - it only goes one way.

* An article in Saturday's Daily Mail vindicates all who feel uneasy about the relentless tide of immigration; Andrew Neather, a speechwriter who worked in Downing St. with Tony Blair, and in the Home Office for Jack Straw and David Blunkett has said that the real reason for the huge increases over the last 10 years was a deliberate attempt to engineer a more multicultural Britain. He claims that there was a plan to open up the UK to mass immigration and, as well as plugging the labour market gap, was also a 'driving political purpose' behind the policy.

That's why they desperately need to shut Nick Griffin and the BNP up. Sadly for them it won't happen, because the indigenous population are fast waking up to their despicable, gutter tactics that were blatantly in evidence last Thursday night.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

A Letter to BNP Supporters from Nick Griffin on the Eve of Question Time

"Fellow British Patriot,

Question Time is scheduled for 10.35pm tonight and will be a milestone in the indomitable march of the British National Party towards saving our country.

Our violent opponents on the far left have promised to lay siege and barricade the studio venue, because they know only too well that this could be THE key moment that propels the BNP into the big time.

Never before have we had the chance to present our patriotic, common sense solutions to Britain’s nightmare situation to the public at large in such a prominent fashion.

However, members and supporters must be aware that this show will be a stage-managed farce organised in a specific way to leave several impressions:

– The audience will be hand-picked and overtly hostile — thus giving the impression that the British people at large must be hostile to BNP views.

– The panellists will be overtly hostile; even the non-political guests will be hostile. Everyone will be hostile — this will leave the impression to non-informed viewers that BNP views have minority status.

– I will, no doubt, be interrupted, shouted down, slandered, put on the spot, and subjected to a scrutiny that would be a thousand times more intense than anything directed at other panellists.

It will, in other words, be political blood sport.

But I am relishing this opportunity, and I know that, despite the stage-managed hostile audience and panellists, YOU, the ordinary members, supporters and voters of the BNP, will be in the studio with me as I take on the corrupt, treacherous swine destroying our beautiful island nation."

Nick, you know that we will be with you tonight, some in body and most in spirit. Your courage is an inspiration to your fellow Britons.
God bless and keep you safe from the baying mob.
Very best wishes from all of us in Leicestershire

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


The so-called "new BNP membership list" published today on the Internet is a malicious forgery.

We have had a chance to examine the list in detail and can unequivocally say that it is not a genuine BNP list.

It is a concoction of the 'old' list plus a number of inquiries received, but, most disturbingly, it contains thousands of names of people with whom the BNP has had no contact whatsoever.

The list includes thousands of people with renewal and membership numbers next to their names which are totally false and made up.

We have no idea from where this information has been drawn. Some of it looks like random items drawn from a telephone book. Some parts of the list looked like information which was taken from the home of an ex-BNP employee by police during an earlier investigation.

The Party had been the subject of extensive attacks by the state during the entire European election period. Over that time, twenty sacks of mail disappeared in the post, and were only delivered six weeks after the election date after we threatened to call in the police.

The high degree of fraud used in compiling the list was a serious criminal offence. In the interests of the totally unconnected people named in this list, we will not be confirming or denying any details contained in this new attempt to subvert the BNP.

The media in particular deserve criticism their blatant sensationalism concerning the publication of this new 'list'.

Government departments, including the Ministry of Defence, have time and time again lost sensitive data on laptops left in trains, or have thrown lists into skips for cleaners to find. Recently, the entire Royal Air Force payroll was up for grabs on the Internet.

These events are sidelined with a cursory reference in the media. Yet, when we, as a legal political party have our data stolen, the media makes a circus of it. It is hypocritical in the extreme.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Boston campaign gathers pace

David Owens, at present a Boston Borough Councillor, is the British National Party's candidate in this Thursday's North-West Division election in the city.

Over the past weeks activists from Leicestershire have joined their Lincolnshire counterparts involved in the campaign, leafletting, canvassing, etc. and one of them has written to tell of his impressions after the team's latest visit last Saturday:

"28 E.midlands lads/girls were out in Boston on 10th October in support of our BNP candidate in the County Council by-election there, due on 15th October. Loads of work done in an area showing high interest/support for BNP. This writer (with the support of 3 others) covered a so-called `sink estate`, an area that reminded him of a council estate in Leicester near to where he was brought up in the 1940s/50s.`Sink` or not, folks were friendly and there were numerous "Vote BNP" signs in the windows - far more than he`d ever seen before. Nice day out- although tiring for a 73-year-old- but great stuff, especially when folks are coming up to you enquiring about getting in touch with the party. Fingers crossed, we`ll be `home and dry` on Thursday 15th."


Well done to everybody for their hard work, and spirit of cooperation.
The members of Leicestershire BNP join in sending their very best wishes, and good luck, for a well-deserved win on the 15th to David and his team.