Friday, 11 September 2009

Welland Ward, Mkt. Harborough, September 10th

The results of the by-election held in Welland Ward yesterday, September 10th 2009 are as follows:

Liberal Democrats 600
Conservatives 373
British National Party 122

BNP share of vote was 11.14%
Turnout was 22.8%

The result was much as expected. BNP took 9.4% of the vote at the County Council elections in Harborough in June and are pleased to have increased the percentage in this election.
Labour did not stand this time, apparently they could not find a candidate willing to contest the seat after being beaten by the BNP in June. If they had stood, the turnout may have increased to 24%.

Geoff Dickens, the BNP candidate, wishes to thank:

All the residents in Welland Ward who voted for him/BNP, including those in Mkt. Harborough who have supported the Party, and continue to support it, in other ways too.
The BNP activists who valueably assisted in the campaign by leafletting (printing, and delivering) and transport.
The Harborough Electoral Officer and her staff for their professional running of the election.


Anonymous said...

only 122 people with any interity in the whole of welland ward, poor sods.

Anonymous said...

Well done Geoffrey