Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Nabbing 'criminals'?

After the appalling lack of care for the Pilkington family by Leicestershire police, have forces in other areas shown that they are capable of dealing with crime?

According to the twisted rules on policing and crime today, it would seem so.

In Royston, Herefordshire, a man trying to make a citizen's arrest was himself arrested and will appear in court charged with assault. His terrible crime? Well, fed up with youths persistently throwing apples at him and his wife, Roland Digby went to confront them. In days gone by the youths would have desisted and probably even apologised. Not now, the wily yobs know that nothing will happen to them. Mr. Digby made the mistake of touching one of them, and holding him in an armlock until police arrived. Which they didn't of course, until the youths had disappeared leaving Mr. Digby with a clipped lip.
So he became the criminal. Much easier to arrest a decent man protecting his wife and home than go after the little terrors who started it, isn't it.

The second unjust arrest was in Liverpool. A couple of hoteliers had got into an argument with one of their guests, a muslim woman. Ben and Sharon Vogelenzangl, both Christians, have been charged under public order laws with using “threatening, abusive or insulting words” that were “religiously aggravated.” (Public order laws are for those crimes committed on the street)

The charges relate to a heated conversation the couple had with the guest at their hotel in Liverpool in March. On her final morning before checking out, she came down to breakfast wearing a hijab, the traditional Muslim headdress.
The unnamed woman had been staying at the Bounty House Hotel near Aintree racecourse for four weeks while receiving treatment at a local hospital, but the couple had never seen her wear her religious clothing before.
It is alleged they suggested that Mohammad, the founder of Islam, was a warlord when the guest challenged them about their Christian beliefs. The woman also claims that the couple, who vehemently deny the allegations and say they were simply defending their faith, described her traditional dress as a form of bondage. The muslim then scuttled off to inform on them.

I'm sure we can all rest easier in our beds now, secure in the knowledge that our once wonderful British bobbies are catching the real criminals. Ah, if only.


Red Squirrel said...

I think that the 'enricher's' are actively encouraged to go whining to the police, and I wouldn't be surprised if they had a 'hotline' on their mobiles to report anything 'offensive' (real or perceived)to the Dhimmi's at the station. If they cannot get at us, the Kuffar, using brute violence, there is always the lucrative option of litigation Jihad.

PATRIOT said...

Come on Anonymous, since when has sensible and constructive criticism been “slagging off?” Unless of course one subscribes to the politically correct mayhem that pervades our society. Remember that this out of control situation has been created by successive governments and is supported by not only the police but everyone such as magistrates, judges, schoolteachers and often parents and in fact all those who are responsible for discipline in the rearing of the present generation.
It is criminal dereliction of duty when the police do not respond in these situations but it is even worse when they do respond and then criminalize the victims or treat them as a nuisance as often happens. Remember that, due to this lack of response by the police vast numbers of these crimes go unreported which makes a nonsense of the official statistics.