Saturday, 19 September 2009

Minutes of the BNP Branch Meeting, 19th September

The Meeting was opened and chaired by Cllr. John Ryde.

50 people attended.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.

Organiser's report by Geoff Dickens

The RWB was successful despite the local council who wouldn't give us a drinks licence, or a music licence, or allow caravans, and our two local District Councillors have been told they couldn't attend the meeting on the costs of policing it!
We have many more members locally and are beginning leafleting again, so look in your bulletin for contacts and help, because we have four people standing in the General Election next year: Gary Reynolds, Kathy Duffy, Paul Preston and John Ryde, and we need to get the information out there.

Press Report by John Ryde

John reminded us that last time he spoke about the NUJ being unable to report fairly on the BNP, please take what they say with a pinch of salt. The Daily Star have just reported that we were going to hire someone to teach us how to kill with one hand!
There's a party called the English Defence League which we think is state sponsored, which causes riots against muslims. BNP members are proscribed from having anything to do with it, and we think it was brought into being so that the government could then clamp down on all 'far right' parties.
It is reported that BNP councillors don't do anything! Wayne, our parish councillor in Ellistown, organised a gala there, and above the £34k he's organised for a local playground they have now secured another £50k from Leicester County Council.

20 minute interval

Guest speaker Paul Golding

Paul spoke about the Equalities Commission. We have had the same membership rules since 1982, and now our popularity is worrying the establishment. Harriet Harman is going to change the law to forbid political parties from selecting members on their ancestry. It's going to happen, and the Equalities Commission is taking us to court now to use up our money and our time, and to stop us focusing on the General Elections next year. They think this is going to destroy us, but we will turn it around as we have before.

Paul continued by telling us that next month we are launching 'Bring our boys home'; our troops should exist to defend our borders and our people and that's an end to it. The war in Afganistan is solely to protect a pipeline America is building to bring oil through Afganistan from the Middle East, and our boys shouldn't be dying for that.

There was a short question and answer session.

The collection with teas raised £221.23, plus 10 Quatar Ryals, 1 Singapore dollar, 1 USA dollar, and one old penny and one old ten pence coin.

The raffle raised £47.

The next meeting is on Dec 5th.


Anonymous said...

Was badger at your meeting

Keats said...

No badgers have ever attended our meetings.