Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Nabbing 'criminals'?

After the appalling lack of care for the Pilkington family by Leicestershire police, have forces in other areas shown that they are capable of dealing with crime?

According to the twisted rules on policing and crime today, it would seem so.

In Royston, Herefordshire, a man trying to make a citizen's arrest was himself arrested and will appear in court charged with assault. His terrible crime? Well, fed up with youths persistently throwing apples at him and his wife, Roland Digby went to confront them. In days gone by the youths would have desisted and probably even apologised. Not now, the wily yobs know that nothing will happen to them. Mr. Digby made the mistake of touching one of them, and holding him in an armlock until police arrived. Which they didn't of course, until the youths had disappeared leaving Mr. Digby with a clipped lip.
So he became the criminal. Much easier to arrest a decent man protecting his wife and home than go after the little terrors who started it, isn't it.

The second unjust arrest was in Liverpool. A couple of hoteliers had got into an argument with one of their guests, a muslim woman. Ben and Sharon Vogelenzangl, both Christians, have been charged under public order laws with using “threatening, abusive or insulting words” that were “religiously aggravated.” (Public order laws are for those crimes committed on the street)

The charges relate to a heated conversation the couple had with the guest at their hotel in Liverpool in March. On her final morning before checking out, she came down to breakfast wearing a hijab, the traditional Muslim headdress.
The unnamed woman had been staying at the Bounty House Hotel near Aintree racecourse for four weeks while receiving treatment at a local hospital, but the couple had never seen her wear her religious clothing before.
It is alleged they suggested that Mohammad, the founder of Islam, was a warlord when the guest challenged them about their Christian beliefs. The woman also claims that the couple, who vehemently deny the allegations and say they were simply defending their faith, described her traditional dress as a form of bondage. The muslim then scuttled off to inform on them.

I'm sure we can all rest easier in our beds now, secure in the knowledge that our once wonderful British bobbies are catching the real criminals. Ah, if only.

Inquest slams Leicestershire police

The Coroner at the inquest into the deaths of tragic mum, Fiona Pilkington, and her disabled daughter, Frankie, has roundly criticised local police for their negligence and mis-handling of incidents of bullying and anti-social behaviour by feral yobs over 7 years. They had endured escalating violence and intimidation, their tormentors being young children. In 2007 alone, 13 incidents were logged by police, but closed.

The family were driven to despair and finally, after no help was forthcoming, Ms. Pilkington, of Barwell, drove her car to a lay-by and with her daughter beside her set it alight.

The reported incidents that led to this tragedy began with youths hanging about outside the Pilkington's home, bottles being smashed, snowballs thrown at the windows, screaming youths, carting and a sign removed. It's the kind of stupid behaviour that many people will recognise. But after son Anthony had stones thrown at his head, the police informed the Council and anti-social warnings were sent to the parents. The intimidation built up from then on but, although the police obviously knew the culprits, they took it no further.

Why was nothing more done to protect this vulnerable family? Why were the incidents not considered as crimes, with the guilty youths charged and punished accordingly?
The clue is in the response that the former Assistant Chief Constable gave to the Coroner; following this tragedy, a report was presented to a review panel and after that police chiefs decided that it would become policy to categorise repeated offences against disabled people as 'hate crimes', meaning that they would be taken more seriously.
Mr. Tew said: "now, once the crime is identified as a hate crime, it is pulled out of the system of the general melee of anti-social behaviour."

So there you have it; abuse and anti-social behaviour has to have an emotion attached to it before the police will bother to investigate it as a crime, and then only if you come from a vulnerable group. Though, isn't any citizen inevitably rendered vulnerable by acts of barbarity, whatever the motive?
If only poor Fiona Pilkington had known to tell the police that these mindless degenerates 'hated' her family, how different the outcome would have been.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Minutes of the BNP Branch Meeting, 19th September

The Meeting was opened and chaired by Cllr. John Ryde.

50 people attended.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.

Organiser's report by Geoff Dickens

The RWB was successful despite the local council who wouldn't give us a drinks licence, or a music licence, or allow caravans, and our two local District Councillors have been told they couldn't attend the meeting on the costs of policing it!
We have many more members locally and are beginning leafleting again, so look in your bulletin for contacts and help, because we have four people standing in the General Election next year: Gary Reynolds, Kathy Duffy, Paul Preston and John Ryde, and we need to get the information out there.

Press Report by John Ryde

John reminded us that last time he spoke about the NUJ being unable to report fairly on the BNP, please take what they say with a pinch of salt. The Daily Star have just reported that we were going to hire someone to teach us how to kill with one hand!
There's a party called the English Defence League which we think is state sponsored, which causes riots against muslims. BNP members are proscribed from having anything to do with it, and we think it was brought into being so that the government could then clamp down on all 'far right' parties.
It is reported that BNP councillors don't do anything! Wayne, our parish councillor in Ellistown, organised a gala there, and above the £34k he's organised for a local playground they have now secured another £50k from Leicester County Council.

20 minute interval

Guest speaker Paul Golding

Paul spoke about the Equalities Commission. We have had the same membership rules since 1982, and now our popularity is worrying the establishment. Harriet Harman is going to change the law to forbid political parties from selecting members on their ancestry. It's going to happen, and the Equalities Commission is taking us to court now to use up our money and our time, and to stop us focusing on the General Elections next year. They think this is going to destroy us, but we will turn it around as we have before.

Paul continued by telling us that next month we are launching 'Bring our boys home'; our troops should exist to defend our borders and our people and that's an end to it. The war in Afganistan is solely to protect a pipeline America is building to bring oil through Afganistan from the Middle East, and our boys shouldn't be dying for that.

There was a short question and answer session.

The collection with teas raised £221.23, plus 10 Quatar Ryals, 1 Singapore dollar, 1 USA dollar, and one old penny and one old ten pence coin.

The raffle raised £47.

The next meeting is on Dec 5th.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Sponsored Cycle Ride for SRBF

Andy Joyce, a committee member of Leicester Speedway Supporters' Club in charge of Publicity, is asking for sponsorship of an exciting and worthwhile event happening this coming Saturday. He says:

"On Saturday 19th September I will be cycling to Skegness from Leicester with 2 time cycle speedway world champion David Hemsley. The ride is sponsored in aid of Leicester Speedway Supporters Club and The Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund (SRBF). We would both very much appreciate it if you could sponsor us in any way you can.

The SRBF does brilliant work for Injured Speedway Riders and their families with donations of cash and equipment such as wheel chairs.

You can view the SRBF website HERE and the LSSC website HERE where you will find a donate button on the members information page. You can either donate through that or just reply to andylinz101@aol.co.uk with a promise of a sponsorship amount and I'll put you on my form.

Thanks in advance."

- Andy Joyce

Friday, 11 September 2009

Welland Ward, Mkt. Harborough, September 10th

The results of the by-election held in Welland Ward yesterday, September 10th 2009 are as follows:

Liberal Democrats 600
Conservatives 373
British National Party 122

BNP share of vote was 11.14%
Turnout was 22.8%

The result was much as expected. BNP took 9.4% of the vote at the County Council elections in Harborough in June and are pleased to have increased the percentage in this election.
Labour did not stand this time, apparently they could not find a candidate willing to contest the seat after being beaten by the BNP in June. If they had stood, the turnout may have increased to 24%.

Geoff Dickens, the BNP candidate, wishes to thank:

All the residents in Welland Ward who voted for him/BNP, including those in Mkt. Harborough who have supported the Party, and continue to support it, in other ways too.
The BNP activists who valueably assisted in the campaign by leafletting (printing, and delivering) and transport.
The Harborough Electoral Officer and her staff for their professional running of the election.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Stop the UN from sexualising children

The following letter is from Family Watch International. Read about them and their aims HERE.

'According to a report recently issued by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), children as young as five have a “right” to learn about sexual pleasure, masturbation and homosexuality, among other things.
As I explain below, we need your help to stop this radical UN document by supporting a letter we will be sending to all UN delegations.
One of the main authors of the UNESCO report, “The International Guidelines on Sexuality Education” is Nanette Ecker, of the U.S.-based Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), an organization notorious for pushing inappropriate and explicit sex education in schools across the U.S. The publication was a collaboration of many UN agencies including UNESCO, UNICEF, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and the World Health Organization (WHO).
One of the most dangerous concepts promoted by the document, which is intended to drive sex education programs used in schools across the world, is that “Sexual behaviours can be pleasurable and without risk of unintended pregnancy and STIs including HIV.”
Another example of a dangerous concept is this objective for 12 year olds: “Contraceptives and condoms give people the opportunity to enjoy their sexuality without unintended consequences.”
It is unconscionable that UN agencies are encouraging children to engage in sexual behavior while telling them there is no health risk. Especially since they know that sexually active children will likely engage in sexual intercourse and that even if they engage in so called “protected” sex, condoms fail and pregnancies and deadly sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS are the result.
Much of the document promotes “respect” for “sexual and gender diversity” and “people with diverse sexual expressions,” and it encourages ministries of education to “consult with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups.”
It also states that “teachers are likely to be the most skilled and trusted source of information” and “have a responsibility to act in the place of parents”

However, of most concern is the document’s systematic promotion of masturbation to children beginning at age five. In fact, Floyd Godfrey, LPC, whose specialty is treating youth with sexual addictions stated: “After working with hundreds of clients with sexual compulsions, I have seen masturbation as the most common symptom of sexual addiction. It is also the most common compulsive behavior for teenagers who later develop addictions. Instructing young children in sexual behavior is abusive. Although some young children encounter masturbation as they grow up, this does not give adults license to teach them how to perform sexual acts. It is inappropriate and against the law to teach young children sexual behavior.”
Here are some excerpts from some of the “learning objectives” in these guidelines:

Learning Objectives for Level I (ages 5-8)

Girls and boys have private body parts that can feel pleasurable when touched by oneself
It is natural to explore and touch parts of one’s own body.
Bodies can feel good when touched.
Touching and rubbing one’s genitals is called masturbation.
Masturbation is not harmful, but should be done in private.

Learning Objectives for Level II (ages 9-12)

Both men and women can give and receive sexual pleasure.
Health risks associated respectively with safe and legal abortion, and with illegal and unsafe abortion.
Many boys and girls begin to masturbate during puberty.

Learning Objectives for Level III (ages 12-15)

Respect for the different sexual orientations and gender identity.
Both men and women can give and receive sexual pleasure with a partner of the same or opposite sex.
Everyone is responsible for their own and their partner’s sexual pleasure and can learn to communicate their likes and dislikes.
Access to safe abortion and post-abortion care.

Finally, under the definition for “sexual orientation” they list this example: “a man who becomes a woman and is attracted to other women would be identified as a lesbian.”
They believe this is the kind of thing children and teens need to learn in school.
We have told you in prior newsletters about explicit sex education manuals published by UN agencies such as UNICEF and UNFPA.
And now, this.
We must put a stop to it!
We have people in over 112 countries who subscribe to The Family Watch and who have signed the “I Stand for the Family Petition.”

I am calling upon each of you now to take a stand for the family by clicking here to join us and others around the world in signing our letter calling upon UN Member States to denounce these radical sex education guidelines.
We need thousands of people around the world to support this campaign for it to have an impact, so please pass this alert on to everyone you know, and ask them to join you in signing this letter online.
You have helped us protect the sanctity of the family at the UN before. It is time to do it again!'

Sharon Slater

Friday, 4 September 2009

The English Defence League - BNP Statement

The following is an official statement from the BNP concerning the EDL:

"The English Defence League has been proscribed as an organisation. This means it will be a disciplinary offence for British National Party members to associate or participate in any event or activity organised by the English Defence League or hold membership of the English Defence League.

"The reasons for this proscription are that the English Defence League, through its activities, brings nationalist and patriotic politics into disrepute. If the English Defence League is not instigated by and its activities are not encouraged by the state (which it quite possibly is) then the track record of this organisation shows that it is run by people who will only bring discredit and probable arrest for anyone who attends its events.

"The British National Party does not wish to be associated with the English Defence League in any way whatsoever.

"If you become aware of any Party member breaking this ruling, please report them immediately to National Organiser Eddy Butler on 07949-339-130 or email elections@bnp.org.uk"

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

BNP to contest Mkt. Harborough by-election, 10th September

The British National Party will be standing for election in Welland Ward, Market Harborough on September 10th.

Their candidate is Geoffrey William Dickens, the BNP Regional Organiser for the East Midlands. Although living outside of the town, Geoff lives nearby and knows Mkt. Harborough well; he is a popular and well-known figure locally and has done much for his own village, having been on the Parish Council there from 1978 to 1984 and is Secretary of the village hall. He has been married to Barbara for 40 years; the couple have 3 grown-up children and 4 grandchildren.

Geoff successfully ran the family firm, which specialised in sheet metal applications, with his father, becoming Managing Director after the latter's retirement; he is fully conversant with business strategies and people-skills, necessary attributes for a District Councillor.

If elected, Geoff promises to devote his best energies to serving the needs of the residents of Welland Ward and invites all in the ward to vote for him.