Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Right to Repair Campaign

Thanks to the EU you will not be able to get your car serviced at an Independent garage from 2011.

You will have no option but to take it to the manufacturers dealers, who will charge you more for good measure.
At the moment, you have the right to service or repair your car wherever you wish,
but if the only place you’re able to do that is at a manufacturer dealership or manufacturer approved franchise, prepare to be hit hard in the pocket.

Almost inevitably, it means you, the motorist, will have a much greater distance to travel to have your vehicle serviced or maintained. Costing you more in terms of money (increased fuel use) and time.

Almost overnight, any business not tied to a vehicle manufacturer for repair and service will disappear– taking with it literally thousands upon thousands of jobs.
Your local garage; mechanical and service outlets; tyre and exhaust centres; specialists such as electrical and air con; body repair shops. Even roadside assistance providers - all will suffer.
There’s also those who manufacture and distribute to these businesses – all decimated.
It is,without doubt, the death knell of the entire independent aftermarket.

Add the further disincentive of soaring repair costs, and it’s clear more and more people will be tempted to service their cars less frequently. This, in turn, will almost certainly see a rise in the number of cars on the road operating inefficiently.
All of which is bound to have a negative impact on the environment. Not to mention road safety levels.

With the exception of the Vehicle Assemblers and their dealerships it is in everyone’s interest to ensure that R2RC succeeds in its aim – to ensure that the consumers right to choose where they have their vehicle repaired is protected and to ensure that the repair arena remains a competitive one. Write to your MP or MEP today.

Please visit R2RC and SIGN THE PETITION now to try and stop this useless piece of legislation coming into force that will put thousands of people out of a job, and even more out of pocket.


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