Sunday, 16 August 2009

Red, White and Blue Festival, August 2009

It has been a disappointingly wet Summer, but for the weekend of the BNP's Red, White and Blue Festival in Derbyshire the sun shone brightly. The only time it rained was on Saturday while the far-left protesters were marching past the site. Which should give a hint as to who the favoured ones are!

Patriotic people came from all over Britain to meet old friends, enjoy traditional regional foods and listen to talks by prominent BNP members.
Everyone wanted to meet and congratulate our new MEPs, Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, and to hear them speak, and of course they weren't disappointed, as the two gave talks, joined in Question Time and gave inspiring addresses to round off the Festival.

The Political Tent was packed for all other talks too, with all speakers greeted with enthusiastic applause. This year, representatives from all Regions also gave short talks, and the East Midlands was represented by Cllr. John Ryde,who is our Regional Press Officer.

Sunday morning began with a parade of ex-service personnel. They were roundly applauded. At the end of the Sunday Service, Alwynne Deacon, looking immaculate in his Regimental dress uniform, played the cornet and one of the ex- servicemen gave an address, asking us to remember those who still fight in foreign lands, after which we held a one-minute silence to mark those who have lost their lives.

It was noticeable at the Sunday Service, conducted by Reverend Robert West, that his congregation had swelled enormously this year. It is interesting then, that our people are returning to traditional Christianity while turning away from the politically hampered Established Church. Revd. West's sermon was a scholarly dissertation which the Bishops could well take heed of.

The nit-picking local Council had refused music and alcohol licences in an attempt to put people off, and stop our enjoyment, but naturally it didn't work. The British people are quite able to endure Prohibition for a while - we're not known as a country of tea drinkers for nothing - and a spell of country quietness which was a nice change from being blasted with plastic pop, and worse, in our everyday lives.

Of course we have to mention the protests. The Marxist UAF and Unions allied with misguided local campaigners to disrupt the event and police had to hem in 3 lots of them. We arrived early at one of the points, but on telling the police there that we were BNP members they couldn't do enough for us. The police cordon parted to let us through, and we even had a police escort part of the way! It certainly isn't the ordinary police officers who are against our meeting, that is clear. Later, protesters lay in the road, which delayed some festival-goers, but most used their initiative and got there anyway. 19 protesters were arrested; hopefully this year they will be charged, not let off off with a finger-wagging.

Well deserved thanks go to the Derbyshire police for looking after us over the weekend, protecting us and local residents from the nastiness and violence that these particular protesters are known for.

A huge "Thank You" goes to the wonderful people of Codnor and Denby who, in spite of having to put up with the disruption to their lives caused entirely by these rowdy protesters, nevertheless gave us their amazing support. Stories came in from those trapped in a road-jam, many with little children, of residents bringing out cups of tea, and offers to use their toilets. This is the Dunkirk spirit! We send a virtual bouquet to each and every one of you, you deserve it.

Bouquets also go to the organisers of the event, the set-up team, and BNP security. You all worked so hard, and we thank you all for making the RWB 2009 such a wonderful and memorable event.

Pictures below of the Festival. Thank you to Leicester Boy for them.

Osama Bin Laden gets pelted in the Stocks! (courtesy Melton and Rutland BNP)

Nick Griffin's Address. Note the ex-service personnel in front.

A Redcoat soldier comes from the past to talk to modern patriots

Osama gets pelted yet again!

Leicester BNP's very popular stall. As well as the legendary free sampling of local cheeses and Melton pies, there were collectable back issues of Freedom and Identity (mostly 1990s), flags, soft toys, patriotic merchandise, garden plants and hanging baskets on sale this year.

'A Taste of Leicestershire'

The MEP tent.Here you could buy limited edition commemorative cards signed by Nick Griffin or Andrew Brons, individualised to the buyer by a calligrapher.

The campsite. Patriotic flags flutter proudly under an English sky.

A closer view of the campsite, the only place where we were allowed alcoholic drinks.

The Political Marquee, where talks, auction and Sunday Service were held

The Truth truck is becoming a veteran activist too!

Northampton Branch ran a raffle; the prize, a huge, cuddly grizzly bear was won by a Leicester member and is settling in to his new home nicely.

Bouncy castles and fun in the sun.

The forgotten victims of multiculturalism were remembered here.

The prize in the BNP raffle -a brand-new car.

The East Midlands Regional Organiser, Geoff Dickens, chats to a visitor to the Leicestershire stall.

"Where's that cheeseknife gone?"!
East Midland stalls seen in the background here were selling delicious hotdogs, and home-made cakes.

Our visitor samples the white Stilton with cranberries cheese.

And finally...

In order not to break any Equality and Diversity laws, we thought we'd better publish a picture of some of the scruffy Marxists - sorry -protesters who caused havoc on Saturday and cost the taxpayers nigh on £500,000.


Bertie_Bert said...

BNP RWB 2009 Richard Greenfield's "Oh Britannia"

Dedicated to David Cameron sponsor of the violent UAF.

Eastmidlands Nationalist said...

gutted i missed the event hope to see you all next year at the RWB.