Monday, 6 July 2009

Minutes of the BNP Branch Meeting, June 2009

The Meeting was opened and chaired by Geoff Dickens
49 people attended
The Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.

Short Organiser's Report by Geoff Dickens:

Geoff said that there were a large number of new enquiries and new members of the party, despite the media whipping up hate. For the last EU elections Geoff and four other members manned phones in a house, this time we had a professional set up in Belfast who processed 60,000 enquiries, and many have since joined.

Election report: [read for Wayne by Pete Cheeseman]

Across Leicestershire we stood 48 of the 52 wards, and in NW Leicester we polled 18.5%, within 2% of coming second overall. Graham Partner was elected in Coalville as a county councillor, our first in the country! We had five seats where we polled above 20%, and four more at just above 19%, These were areas where we had done work campaigning and in three of them we had a district councillor already, but what surprised us was the areas where we had done very little work and still polled extremely well, like Groby and Ratby where we polled 18% without a leaflet or campaign of any sort.
We now need to plan for the coming years, and we need more people to come forward and stand as a candidate, we need more councillors. We are getting used to winning, let's carry on the trend.

Press report by John Ryde:

John spoke about the tremendous amount of opposition to us in the press, where they distort stories, or invent them. Graham Partner e-mailed the Leicester Mercury to say he wouldn't be doing an interview with them, and they quoted him as saying that Nick Griffin was a pratt. Even the Times has invented quotes! Well, if they didn't fear us they wouldn't attack us! The National Union of Journalists are not allowed to report uncritically about us, and don't allow us on the letters column or on phone-ins, however they give coverage to the views of travellers and gypsies. John supplied a print off of the NUJ rules to anyone who wanted one. However the Chartered Institute of Journalists have said that the BNP should be reported on in the same even handed way as other parties. So if you are approached by the media don't say anything but refer them to our Press Officer.

20 minute interval

Guest Speaker: Peter Jarvis

The Act of Supremacy was still in law in this country when 'we' signed up to the EU, which made that signing an act of treason. Since then half of our dairy farmers have disappeared and we import milk – there's no sense in that! When our 200 mile fishing border was reduced to 6 miles we lost 80,000 jobs and a billion a year in wages and sales, there's no sense in that, and because of regulations from the EU many of our post offices have closed. The EU has also closed many of our local abattoirs which means we have to transport animals many miles, not good for them and means using more diesel. It may also cause the spread of foot and mouth.

There was a short Question and Answer session

The collection with teas raised £217.43
The raffle raised £61.80
The next meeting is on 19th September.

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