Wednesday, 8 July 2009

East Midlands BNP Regional Council Meeting. Friday 3rd July

John Ryde, East Midlands BNP Press and Publicity Officer, sends us this report of the Meeting:-

The East Midlands has “hit the road” running following the recent round of elections said Geoff Dickens, Regional Organiser.

Opening the East Midlands regional council meeting, Geoff said that large numbers of local enquiries that the elections have generated are already being followed up and converted into members. So great has been the increase in new members that Northampton branch has now split in to two groups and the newly formed Erewash group was already out fighting a local by-election.

Regional fund holder James Mole then gave an update on funds. The Peacock Club from which the 2.4 million Euro leaflets were financed still has a healthy balance and is now building for the future. All local branches and groups were in the black. Considering the considerable expense that the elections had cost the British National Party in the East Midlands was financially stable and ready for future elections.

Wayne McDermott, regional elections officer gave an overview in the massive increase in our support, thanking all those who stood as candidates and to all the helpers who had made the breakthrough possible. Wayne then asked for help in the by-elections that are now current in the East Midlands and announced that we now had another three parish councillors. giving a total of 23 parish,6 district /borough and 1 county councillor in the region. Meetings with local activists across the region are being set up to fill the gaps on the map with the new high quality enquiries/members to move the region forward.

John Ryde, regional press and publicity officer distributed copies of a revamped “Good News” leaflet, and stressed the importance of keeping up the door to door leafleting.


Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin wants to sink boats of immigrants and then throw them a liferaft. That's sick

Anonymous said...

Not sure what that's got to do with a council meeting!

Anyway, if you think it's sick to throw them a life-raft, UKIPs pals in Europe would agree with you. Read about it here: