Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A special sighting over Leicestershire's skies

It would seem that our Regional Organiser, Geoff, is competing with the Deputy Chairman for pictures of things that fly and here is my two pennorth.

I have to admit that I love all things that fly, am a member of the RSPB, but cannot identify our feathered friends sufficiently well to call myself a 'twitcher'

However this Sunday, sitting on my son's patio in the sunshine with a can of chilled Stella there came a new sound in the sky that temporaly quietened the feathered variety.

From afar came the unmistakable growl of 4 Rolls Royce Melin engines. It is a sound once heard is never forgotten and evokes nostalgic memories that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end..

Then she swept into view, quite low, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster in all her restored glory, surely one of the most majestic birds ever to grace the heavens.

The sight and sound of this historical icon was for me at the end of a hectic election campaign a sign of approval from those who have gone before and a reminder of the inner strength that we "Brits" have when facing adversity

We raised our 'cannies' in salute to this great lady, a memory to be cherished until the next time we meet..

We must never forget the bravery and sacrifice of the young men that once flew them.

--- John

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