Sunday, 14 June 2009

The RBL's order to Nick Griffin

The Royal British Legion has sent an open letter demanding that Nick Griffin, Chairman of the BNP, stops wearing his poppy.

A Leicestershire member of the BNP has contacted us to say:

"The Chairman of the RBL has obviously been 'got at'. As a BNP member, I am proud to wear my poppy and his demand - demand, no less! - that my Chairman cease to wear a poppy insults me personally. As it will insult all BNP members.
Insult people outside of the BNP too, almost a million of whom voted BNP and wear their poppy with pride.
Insult all those BNP members and Nationalists who give up their time to stand in the cold and rain to sell those poppies.
Insult all of us whose families fought in the World Wars for freedom.
Insult those who decry illegal wars but support our troops without reserve.
Insult all those who cry on Remembrance Day for unknown heroes who died for us.
Insult all who give their poppy money gladly to help wounded servicemen and their families.

Now I have a dilemma. The RBL is one of my chosen Charities, they regularly send me letters and I have received one this week, a Summer Draw for the Poppy Appeal. Normally, I would send them a donation, buy their tickets, buy a poppy. What should I do, faced with this insult? They don't want my money, I'm BNP. But then, those soldiers, sailors, airmen and their families will suffer if we don't help. Is this really what the RBL want, did the Chairman think of this?

Well, I shall send them a donation; and I shall send a letter with it, to make damned sure that they know it's from a BNP member. And whether they send it back, or not, I ask you to publish the result. Either they refuse 'tainted' donations, or they accept 'tainted' BNP donations. What a stupid situation to have got themselves into."

Yes, we will be pleased to publish the result, let us know what happens. We would like to make it clear however that we know many RBL members do not agree with the stand of their Chairman and his politically motivated executive.

Read Nick Griffin's reply to this 'order' and comments from the public HERE

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