Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mike Robinson, BNP candidate for Enderby 2009

Mike Robinson has sent us this message:-

'From Mike to all candidates and candidates` aides....so, the time has arrived; it`s the Big Day on Thursday. So let`s all look our best, our smartest- win or lose.
'Let's be the smartest on Parade, leaving no doubt in anyone`s mind as to just who we are.
'Don`t forget we`ll all be wearing the National Colours- yes, those Rosettes in Red, White and Blue- so let`s be proud, damned proud, as, even though David Cameron chooses to misrepresent us as "Nazis in suits" at least we`ll NEVER be "traitors and perverts in tails".
'Good Luck and Good Hunting on Thursday. Bonne Chance if you want a `second language` or even Buena Suerte for a third. Go for it!'

- Mike

Mike was elected as a Tory councillor for Beaumont Leys in 1987-1988. He became disillusioned with them as he saw them drift leftwards and looking for a party that reflected his patriotic views, he flirted briefly with UKIP before finding his true home with the traditional British values of the BNP, for whom he has stood as candidate in Enderby 3 times before, each time increasing his percentage of the vote.

Mike is retired, married and lives in the Blaby area; he has 2 sons, one of whom is an RAF helicopter instructor, while the other is an officer in the Fire Service. Mike himself served 12 years in the Royal Signals.

He sends a further message, to the voters:-

'This Labour government must take the blame for the sleaze corruption and economical situation we are witnessing. They have had 12 years to put it right, but after the recent revelations regarding MPs' and MEPs' jollies, still ongoing, can we trust the Tories, Libdems or UKIP to do any better?
'It might be an idea to have a change, particularly a party that will take us out of Europe. The British National Party is the only one to vote for on June 4th'

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