Monday, 15 June 2009

Eat your heart out, Simon Darby!

Amid the high tension of election fever, the elation of our successes and the storms of lies and hatred emanating from the usual sources, we often forget that for nature it's business as usual. So, let's take a breather here.

Simon Darby, Deputy Chairman of the BNP is a keen bird-watcher as everyone who reads his blog will know. It makes fascinating reading, especially to Britons who feel a close connection with the natural world.

It isn't generally known that we have our very own bird expert in Leicestershire! Geoff Dickens, BNP's East Midlands Regional Organiser, is a countryman at heart who regularly entertains us with tales of the goings-on of birds and animals in his garden and surrounding countryside.
So, in the spirit of what Simon's West Midlands can do, we can match, Geoff has sent us pictures of two very different birds he's noted this week.

In his front garden, a picture of a sparrow hawk tucking into a nice bit of wood-pigeon lunch:

and in his back garden, a female mallard by the edge of the pond very close to the house, sitting on her strategically placed eggs:

Thanks for those Geoff; much more pleasing than the photos of enraged LibLabCons faces when we won 2 MEPs and 3 councillors!
If other Leicestershire BNP 'twitchers' have interesting photos of local wildlife, send them in.

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