Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Dirty Conspiracy

Shortly after the declaration of Andrew Brons, MEP winning a seat, and amid the unedifying sight of BBC types having fits of the vapours, political commentator Nick Robinson had this to say:-

"What is interesting, and what is not widely known, is the degree of co-operation between the 3 big parties ever so quietly to try to counter the BNP. There was an agreement that the parties would try to put candidates in areas where they knew they'd be slaughtered, because the more candidates there are, the harder it is for the BNP to get elected.
There was quite a lot of behind the scenes co-operation amongst the parties to say it is better to vote for any party other than the BNP. It hasn't proved to have worked though in this case, and this will raise a debate then what more can be done then by mainstream parties."

Of course, we've come across this phenomenon of LibLabCons frantically betraying their own parties simply to defeat the BNP, rather than promote their own policies to voters; we've even seen prospective candidates abstain from standing in by-elections in order not to split the vote. A strange degree of complicity indeed, between those parties we perceive as being in opposition to each other!

Did you notice, and were you baffled by, the amount of small parties on the voting slip whom you'd never heard of? Didn't you wonder how such tiny parties managed to get an election broadcast, or how they raised the funding? Perhaps you voted for these parties as a protest; at our count, not one of the supposed candidates made an appearance, surely rather strange. Listening to the declations, and the cheers and applause from supporters, there was absolute silence every time the results of the small parties were read out. Uncanny.

Let's go back to what Mr. Robinson said:"There was quite a lot of behind the scenes co-operation amongst the parties {-}". Indeed there was, and that included ministers from the main parties agreeing, in a Parliamentary debate, to work closely with Searchlight. This organisation spends it's energy dealing in hate and intolerance against anti-communists. Until 2005, they were openly allied to UAF (United against Fascism), but decided that it would be better to keep the alliance secret in order not to alert the public.

In Searchlight's July magazine of that year a statement begins:

"This month Searchlight leaves Unite Against Fascism. Searchlight had members on UAF’s steering committee but, like others, we found it difficult to function when decisions were being made elsewhere. But the prime reason for our departure is because it is incompatible for us to be in an organisation that is pushing a different strategy to our own. We believe that localised campaigning on broader issues than racism, fundamental as racism is, is the key to turning back the British National Party’s electoral advance."

Further on in the statement we read:

We have no intention of engaging in an ongoing row with UAF or of setting up a rival national organisation. We also recognise that there are good activists on the ground who will carry on identifying with UAF whom we will continue to work with in the future."

The violent, disgusting behaviour and vandalism witnessed by many at the Red, White and Blue festival, at Stoke, on individual BNP members, and this week, the craven attacks against Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons this week, carried out by the thugs of UAF, have horrified all those who believe in the democratic right to elect a candidate of their choice. Which is what nearly a million clued-up people who voted BNP did last Thursday.

Read who are the supporters of the violent UAF here

So, if you're worried about the choice you made then consider the links between UAF, Searchlight and our main parties in Government. If you were duped into wasting your vote on honey-trap parties, well there will be other elections to come.

If you saw through it all and your heart and head led you to vote BNP -well done! Stay with us; if you're a new BNP voter you may be shocked at the calumnies levelled at you. Ignore them, they are the squeals of the dying left. It'll be a rocky road, but our brilliant MEPs, Councillors, activists and supporters will carry on the good work to make Britain once again the country we deserve.

All those who voted BNP will be part of that. We thank every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for having faith in us, and in this country. Bless you all.
Now let's get on with the job!


Anonymous said...

Good post - deserving of a wider audience, I hope you don't mind if I pinch it for our readers in Nottinghamshire.

Anonymous said...

the uaf are nothing more than government thugs who proved their true colours against nick in london. how dare they even state the bnp are violent etc etc after their display.

Keats said...

Please do, Mike.
We need to get the truth of exactly what UAF are out to as many people as possible.

My neighbour, a pensioner, was appalled at these thugs attacking an elected MEP. She's now thinking of joining the BNP!

I was incensed at the slanders against the BNP voiced on Question Time last night. Particularly disgusting were those from Peter Hain and the Unity rep., both supporters of the odious, knuckledragging UAF.

Keats said...

Message to 'Anonymous who wrote, 12th June: "You should be aware {..}"

Thank you for your valuable information, the appropriate officials have been informed.