Monday, 29 June 2009

David Cameron and the UAF

BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin MEP, writes:-

"I am sure many of you have heard of an organisation called Unite Against Fascism (UAF). The media tries to portray this group as some type of 'public protest' body - but the reality is that they are nothing but a tiny gang of extremist far-left communist party freaks, anti-white bigots and Muslim extremists.

"In fact, the UAF organisation is so overrun with Islamist extremists that the Searchlight organisation, which was an original founding member of UAF, left that group after it became clear that the Islamists were also violently anti-Israel and anti-Jewish as well!

"In other words, this UAF group is not a 'public protest' party, but a distillation of the most extreme, fanatical, lunatic cranks who blight the fringes of British society today.

"As the UAF group is unable to stand for elected office - because they have no popular support whatsoever - they actively resort to physical violence to try and achieve their extremist goals.

"The UAF is responsible for multiple acts of vicious political violence against the BNP and its members. At the onset of the Euro election campaign, it was UAF-placard carrying activists who attacked and smashed up a BNP loud-hailer vehicle in Wigan. During this attack, BNP activist Tony Ward was attacked and struck on the head by a claw hammer wielded by a UAF thug. Tony suffered grievous injuries in this attack. We are glad to report that the UAF thug was arrested by the police.

"Shortly after the BNP's Euro election victory, it was UAF thugs who attacked a peaceful BNP press conference outside Parliament, pelting the media and party officials with eggs, placards and bottles. Several of the UAF thugs also punched and kicked members of the BNP, including deputy leader Simon Darby who was repeatedly kicked in the back.

"Now, one would have thought that this bunch of sideline freaks would be ignored by any normal political party. No one in their right mind, we would have presumed, would want to associate themselves with this sort of violent, far leftist thuggery and extremism. But we are wrong!

"It turns out that the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, is a signed-up supporter and founding member of the UAF communist thug gang. Incredible but true…

"We are convinced that the average Conservative Party member, voter supporter and activist are totally unaware of Mr Cameron's extremist leftist violent criminal connections. We need to tell the average Tory voter and supporter exactly what their leader is up to. For this we need your help. Will you take a few minutes to undertake this task?

"We need you to do 2 things:

"We need you to write to as many of the local Conservative associations as you can and tell them the truth about David Cameron's links to the UAF. You can find a list of local Conservative associations by CLICKING HERE That link will take you to a directory of local Tory group websites, where you will be able to email each one.

"Secondly, we need you to utilise an online service called '', which allows members of the public to send a message to their local Conservative MP protesting Mr Cameron's support of the extremist leftist violent criminal UAF gang.
CLICK HERE to go to that website.

"When writing, always be polite and genuinely express your concern over the Tory leader's links to extremist criminals.

"We can put pressure on Mr Cameron to withdraw his support by contacting the lower-ranking Conservatives who we know are unsettled at the thought of their party being associated with the Communist left. Thanks for your help!"
- Nick Griffin MEP

Footnote: Part of a statement on the Searchlight website reads: "We have no intention of engaging in an ongoing row with UAF or of setting up a rival national organisation. We also recognise that there are good activists on the ground who will carry on identifying with UAF whom we will continue to work with in the future."

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