Thursday, 18 June 2009

County Hall, June 17th.

A Leicester resident was at County Hall yesterday. He told us:

"Graham Partner, the British National Party's County Councillor for Coalville attended his first meeting at Leicestershires County Hall this afternoon [17th June].
The police said that they expected a demonstration.

Respecting Grahams wishes, East Mids BNP security kept a low profile, but were on hand if needed. Graham arrived and entered safely.

The "demonstration" consisted of two scruffy looking reprabates handing out their left wing rag.
Of course we made sure that we took copies, leaving less for them to distribute.Although alot of the County Hall staff also took copies, quite a few declined.
The reds obviously didn't like the rain and left after a couple of hours."

In the course of the Meeting, Cllr. Partner was selected to sit on two committees:

*Development Control and Regulatory Board
*Leicestershire County Council Highways Forum for N W Leicestershire


Anonymous said...

I was in Leicester City Centre on Saturday morning - and 2 anti BNP demonstrators were manning a table at the clock tower. It looked shoddy and badly put together - they were pleasant enough, but totally ineffective as they gave away dog-eared leaflets praising extreme left activity. Sad, really.

Anonymous said...

'Dog-eared', 'shoddy', 'sad'; yes, sums them up nicely.