Monday, 8 June 2009


The election of NICK GRIFFIN and ANDREW BRONS as MEP's marks a new beginning for the people of our islands.

It has been a long and hard struggle to gain these seats, but the sacrifice and pain has been worth it.

Rejoice Englishmen, stand tall and proud, our voice, and the voices of those patriots who have gone before is being heard once more in fair Albion and in Europe

A heartfelt thanks too to those of our local kinsmen who put their heads above the parapet and helped us gain a beach head into Europe in the East Midlands

Well done Revd.Rob, Cathy, Peter, Lewis, Kevan.

You have played a huge part in slowing down the destruction of our nation and have given us hope for our children's future.

We are proud of you and salute you.


Anonymous said...

Could you provide the BNP vote share per council area in Leicestershire. I make it 11.8% in Charnwood or (12% rounded) so on average 5% of the county vote switched to UKIP.

Keats said...

The figures are being collated at the moment, but UKIP's share dropped massively in the East Midlands, being 19% in 2004, and 9% in this election.

Anonymous said...

For Leicestershire roughly rounded.

Blaby 11%

Charnwood 12%

Harborough 6.5%

Hinkley and Bosworth 10%

Leicester 7%

Melton 10%

Northwest Leicestershire 15%

Rutland 5%

Oadby and Wigston 9%

Average 9/10% make it rounded up/down etc.

Your figures are wrong on UKIP they got 26% in 2004 and around 16/17% this time round a drop of around 10%.

Keats said...

UKIP figures taken from the BBC election analysis on Sunday night (19% down to 9%). BBC's 'Election 2004' for EM gives UKIP as 18.5. Same site for this election shows UKIP at 16.4 (-9.6%)

Very odd! I bow to your figures, we agree on the 10% drop.

Anonymous said...

UKIP got 26.1% to the Tories 26.4% in 2004 down to the Kilroy factor hence a 10% drop this time in the EM.

You may of been looking at the wrong region.

Keats said...

Cheers, I see what happened there. (I blame the BBC for the confusion!)