Monday, 29 June 2009

David Cameron and the UAF

BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin MEP, writes:-

"I am sure many of you have heard of an organisation called Unite Against Fascism (UAF). The media tries to portray this group as some type of 'public protest' body - but the reality is that they are nothing but a tiny gang of extremist far-left communist party freaks, anti-white bigots and Muslim extremists.

"In fact, the UAF organisation is so overrun with Islamist extremists that the Searchlight organisation, which was an original founding member of UAF, left that group after it became clear that the Islamists were also violently anti-Israel and anti-Jewish as well!

"In other words, this UAF group is not a 'public protest' party, but a distillation of the most extreme, fanatical, lunatic cranks who blight the fringes of British society today.

"As the UAF group is unable to stand for elected office - because they have no popular support whatsoever - they actively resort to physical violence to try and achieve their extremist goals.

"The UAF is responsible for multiple acts of vicious political violence against the BNP and its members. At the onset of the Euro election campaign, it was UAF-placard carrying activists who attacked and smashed up a BNP loud-hailer vehicle in Wigan. During this attack, BNP activist Tony Ward was attacked and struck on the head by a claw hammer wielded by a UAF thug. Tony suffered grievous injuries in this attack. We are glad to report that the UAF thug was arrested by the police.

"Shortly after the BNP's Euro election victory, it was UAF thugs who attacked a peaceful BNP press conference outside Parliament, pelting the media and party officials with eggs, placards and bottles. Several of the UAF thugs also punched and kicked members of the BNP, including deputy leader Simon Darby who was repeatedly kicked in the back.

"Now, one would have thought that this bunch of sideline freaks would be ignored by any normal political party. No one in their right mind, we would have presumed, would want to associate themselves with this sort of violent, far leftist thuggery and extremism. But we are wrong!

"It turns out that the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, is a signed-up supporter and founding member of the UAF communist thug gang. Incredible but true…

"We are convinced that the average Conservative Party member, voter supporter and activist are totally unaware of Mr Cameron's extremist leftist violent criminal connections. We need to tell the average Tory voter and supporter exactly what their leader is up to. For this we need your help. Will you take a few minutes to undertake this task?

"We need you to do 2 things:

"We need you to write to as many of the local Conservative associations as you can and tell them the truth about David Cameron's links to the UAF. You can find a list of local Conservative associations by CLICKING HERE That link will take you to a directory of local Tory group websites, where you will be able to email each one.

"Secondly, we need you to utilise an online service called '', which allows members of the public to send a message to their local Conservative MP protesting Mr Cameron's support of the extremist leftist violent criminal UAF gang.
CLICK HERE to go to that website.

"When writing, always be polite and genuinely express your concern over the Tory leader's links to extremist criminals.

"We can put pressure on Mr Cameron to withdraw his support by contacting the lower-ranking Conservatives who we know are unsettled at the thought of their party being associated with the Communist left. Thanks for your help!"
- Nick Griffin MEP

Footnote: Part of a statement on the Searchlight website reads: "We have no intention of engaging in an ongoing row with UAF or of setting up a rival national organisation. We also recognise that there are good activists on the ground who will carry on identifying with UAF whom we will continue to work with in the future."

Sunday, 28 June 2009

County Council Election Report, 2009

Cllr. Wayne McDermott is the BNP's Regional Elections Officer for the East Midlands. Here he gives his analysis of the Party's performance in Leicestershire:-

"Firstly,I would like to thank every one who stood as a candidate as without these people we would not have achieved what we did.

"Across Leicestershire we contested 48 out of the 52 wards which was fantastic. The target was always to have full slates in NW Leicestershire, Charnwood, Melton and Blaby; to also have a full slate standing in Hinckley was an added bonus and for the first time ever to contest seats in Harborough and Oadby & Wigston was a welcome boost.

"An incredible 26,279 people voted BNP across the county, a record number. In NW Leicestershire we polled 18.5%, Charnwood 15.1%, Blaby 14.9%, Melton 13.7% & Hinckley & Bosworth 13.5%; these vote shares were across the whole district, not, as previously, just across our best seats in the area.

"In the totally new areas we polled Oadby & Wigston 9.3% (14.5% in Wigston alone), Harborough 8.2%.

"In NW Leicestershire we were within 2% of coming second overall, really closing the gap on Labour beyond what we expected and putting us within a chance of becoming the 2nd party at the next District Elections in 2011, which would mean opposition status, something which has only been achieved in Barking & Dagenham so far.

"Of course the result we will all remember is Coalville: the first ever BNP County Council victory in the East Midlands and 1 of just 3 across the country. The people of Coalville electing Graham Partner has really put us on the map; although Graham and the Party can not yet form a group (until we win a County Council by election), just being on there will gain us vital experience and Graham has already been put onto other committees, helping him and us learn more about the system we one day hope to run.

"The one thing most of you are not aware of and what makes this victory even sweeter is the story behind the BNP contesting Coalville at District level 2 years earlier. As you will know the target seat that year was Whitwick where we had been working for sometime. During the build up to the election our ‘Friends’ at Searchlight, issued the BNP’s target seats, and where we must be stopped. On this list was Coalville. Until that point we were not even going to contest the seat as we had no candidate, but at the last minute we got a candidate and contested the seat coming 3rd and failing to get elected by a handful of votes; since then its been one of several seats we hoped to come close in at county level. So some of the thanks must go to Searchlight - I am sure if they hear of this they will be kicking themselves.

"Other highlights this year were:-

"5 seats with above 20% vote shares: Coalville, Whitwick, Ibstock, Syston Fosse, & Enderby Meridian. These are all seats we have contested before, either at County or District, and shows we can build on past results when the right work goes in. 3 of these seats also have local District Councillors and shows how we are building on the success of 2007 when we first broke through.

"Another 4 big votes above 19% and just missing the 20% target were Thurmaston, Syston Ridgeway, Forest & Measham and Earl Shilton; all these areas having some decent campaigning going on.

"What did shock us were the areas where we have done very little in the past couple of years yet still polled extremely well. The best example of this is in Groby & Ratby where we polled 18% without a leaflet or a campaign of any sort

"The two second places in Melton (remember at the last County Election we came last in every seat we contested) were another huge step forward and we should be looking to break onto the council in the next elections.

"The average vote across the whole of the county, including the areas where we did not have a candidate, was an impressive 12.1% and grabbed the Leicester Mercury headlines along with our victory in Coalville. This proved beyond all doubt the huge effort to contest so many seats was well worth while. I now feel we have broken the ‘Extremist handcuffs’ and we have become part of the electoral system in Leicestershire.

"In 2005 our best result was in Whitwick, 11.1% (Councillor elected 2 years later) and Syston Fosse 11% (Councillor elected in East Goscote part of the ward 2 years later). Well, we have 38 seats where we polled above these percentages.

"Although this sounds amazing remember the elections in 2005 were on General Election day so our results would have been held back slightly. I would still expect several councillors to be looking very nervously at us and wondering what we will be doing next.

"Looking at the bigger picture now these elections are over we need to set the plan for the coming two years; I will be meeting with a couple of people from each district in Leicestershire to set the plan and make sure these new target wards are worked, not just at election time but all year.

"We need more people to come forward and stand as candidates. If you are thinking about it talk to any of us that stood this time; remember, time is ticking and we need more councillors sooner rather than later. Unless we continue to fight hard and continue to put forward more candidates we will not be able to harvest the potential we have just set it place.

"Election 2009 has been good but we need your help and support to make these next 2 years an even bigger success. We are getting used to winning now so lets carry on the trend and win in 2011.

Euro elections

"Just a brief note on the Euro Elections campaign and a thank you to our Regional Organiser and Leicestershire Branch Organiser. 2 years ago Geoff started breaking parts of Leicestershire off to form independent BNP groups, a move which split one of the best Branches in the country. A brave move that some thought was maybe wrong, do these results prove anything about this move? Was it the right thing to do?

"Well, when you compare the progress of each of the 40 districts across the East Midlands from Euro 2004 election result to the vote we received this time, the top 3 out of all 40 were the 3 areas which were broken off by Geoff:

"Melton, who increased it’s 5% vote in 2004 to 9.9% - Relative increase of 97.8%
NW Leicestershire, 8.3% to 14.4% - Relative increase of 72.9%
Charnwood 6.8% to 11.7% - Relative increase of 71.7%"

An excellent report, thank you Wayne.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

County Hall, June 17th.

A Leicester resident was at County Hall yesterday. He told us:

"Graham Partner, the British National Party's County Councillor for Coalville attended his first meeting at Leicestershires County Hall this afternoon [17th June].
The police said that they expected a demonstration.

Respecting Grahams wishes, East Mids BNP security kept a low profile, but were on hand if needed. Graham arrived and entered safely.

The "demonstration" consisted of two scruffy looking reprabates handing out their left wing rag.
Of course we made sure that we took copies, leaving less for them to distribute.Although alot of the County Hall staff also took copies, quite a few declined.
The reds obviously didn't like the rain and left after a couple of hours."

In the course of the Meeting, Cllr. Partner was selected to sit on two committees:

*Development Control and Regulatory Board
*Leicestershire County Council Highways Forum for N W Leicestershire

Of newts and pigs

An article in the Leicester Mercury caught my eye:

Tha Government has paid back to our County Council £1.2m after the cost of the Earl Shilton by-pass spiralled. Part of the problem was down to great crested newts, a protected species. A Councillor explained that, beside being a long and difficult project:

"The newts are the reason that most people remember it. It was frustrating for us because they were not there when we started work.
Suddenly, there were signs of their presence and we had to stop. I'm still not sure if anyone actually saw a newt..."

How eerie, however did they get there; can it be that we have flying newts in Leicestershire?

Meanwhile, the full list of MP's expenses have now been published. Well, except that it's been censored as we knew it would be. MPs also appear to be a protected species and the public must be kept in the dark still about certain of their habitats, even though that will excite more speculation about the nature of the censored items and the porkers - sorry, MPs - who claimed for them.

When will they understand that none of them will be trusted, or wanted in government while they continue to regard the public as idiots?
Like the mysterious newt, pigs might fly...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A special sighting over Leicestershire's skies

It would seem that our Regional Organiser, Geoff, is competing with the Deputy Chairman for pictures of things that fly and here is my two pennorth.

I have to admit that I love all things that fly, am a member of the RSPB, but cannot identify our feathered friends sufficiently well to call myself a 'twitcher'

However this Sunday, sitting on my son's patio in the sunshine with a can of chilled Stella there came a new sound in the sky that temporaly quietened the feathered variety.

From afar came the unmistakable growl of 4 Rolls Royce Melin engines. It is a sound once heard is never forgotten and evokes nostalgic memories that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end..

Then she swept into view, quite low, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster in all her restored glory, surely one of the most majestic birds ever to grace the heavens.

The sight and sound of this historical icon was for me at the end of a hectic election campaign a sign of approval from those who have gone before and a reminder of the inner strength that we "Brits" have when facing adversity

We raised our 'cannies' in salute to this great lady, a memory to be cherished until the next time we meet..

We must never forget the bravery and sacrifice of the young men that once flew them.

--- John

Monday, 15 June 2009

A message from Mike

Veteran campaigner, Leicester BNP official, and candidate in the recent elections, Mike Robinson, has sent this message:

" I extend my congratulations to all our guys/gals who stood in the recent elections on 4th. June. I would also like to compliment ALL candidates for their extremely smart turnout on the day, as well as their courtesy and politeness to all officials and other parties' candidates at the Counts. Not that we expected anything different, as we are the complete opposite of the people depicted by the media, as anyone who has ever come into contact with us knows full well."

Eat your heart out, Simon Darby!

Amid the high tension of election fever, the elation of our successes and the storms of lies and hatred emanating from the usual sources, we often forget that for nature it's business as usual. So, let's take a breather here.

Simon Darby, Deputy Chairman of the BNP is a keen bird-watcher as everyone who reads his blog will know. It makes fascinating reading, especially to Britons who feel a close connection with the natural world.

It isn't generally known that we have our very own bird expert in Leicestershire! Geoff Dickens, BNP's East Midlands Regional Organiser, is a countryman at heart who regularly entertains us with tales of the goings-on of birds and animals in his garden and surrounding countryside.
So, in the spirit of what Simon's West Midlands can do, we can match, Geoff has sent us pictures of two very different birds he's noted this week.

In his front garden, a picture of a sparrow hawk tucking into a nice bit of wood-pigeon lunch:

and in his back garden, a female mallard by the edge of the pond very close to the house, sitting on her strategically placed eggs:

Thanks for those Geoff; much more pleasing than the photos of enraged LibLabCons faces when we won 2 MEPs and 3 councillors!
If other Leicestershire BNP 'twitchers' have interesting photos of local wildlife, send them in.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

The RBL's order to Nick Griffin

The Royal British Legion has sent an open letter demanding that Nick Griffin, Chairman of the BNP, stops wearing his poppy.

A Leicestershire member of the BNP has contacted us to say:

"The Chairman of the RBL has obviously been 'got at'. As a BNP member, I am proud to wear my poppy and his demand - demand, no less! - that my Chairman cease to wear a poppy insults me personally. As it will insult all BNP members.
Insult people outside of the BNP too, almost a million of whom voted BNP and wear their poppy with pride.
Insult all those BNP members and Nationalists who give up their time to stand in the cold and rain to sell those poppies.
Insult all of us whose families fought in the World Wars for freedom.
Insult those who decry illegal wars but support our troops without reserve.
Insult all those who cry on Remembrance Day for unknown heroes who died for us.
Insult all who give their poppy money gladly to help wounded servicemen and their families.

Now I have a dilemma. The RBL is one of my chosen Charities, they regularly send me letters and I have received one this week, a Summer Draw for the Poppy Appeal. Normally, I would send them a donation, buy their tickets, buy a poppy. What should I do, faced with this insult? They don't want my money, I'm BNP. But then, those soldiers, sailors, airmen and their families will suffer if we don't help. Is this really what the RBL want, did the Chairman think of this?

Well, I shall send them a donation; and I shall send a letter with it, to make damned sure that they know it's from a BNP member. And whether they send it back, or not, I ask you to publish the result. Either they refuse 'tainted' donations, or they accept 'tainted' BNP donations. What a stupid situation to have got themselves into."

Yes, we will be pleased to publish the result, let us know what happens. We would like to make it clear however that we know many RBL members do not agree with the stand of their Chairman and his politically motivated executive.

Read Nick Griffin's reply to this 'order' and comments from the public HERE

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Dirty Conspiracy

Shortly after the declaration of Andrew Brons, MEP winning a seat, and amid the unedifying sight of BBC types having fits of the vapours, political commentator Nick Robinson had this to say:-

"What is interesting, and what is not widely known, is the degree of co-operation between the 3 big parties ever so quietly to try to counter the BNP. There was an agreement that the parties would try to put candidates in areas where they knew they'd be slaughtered, because the more candidates there are, the harder it is for the BNP to get elected.
There was quite a lot of behind the scenes co-operation amongst the parties to say it is better to vote for any party other than the BNP. It hasn't proved to have worked though in this case, and this will raise a debate then what more can be done then by mainstream parties."

Of course, we've come across this phenomenon of LibLabCons frantically betraying their own parties simply to defeat the BNP, rather than promote their own policies to voters; we've even seen prospective candidates abstain from standing in by-elections in order not to split the vote. A strange degree of complicity indeed, between those parties we perceive as being in opposition to each other!

Did you notice, and were you baffled by, the amount of small parties on the voting slip whom you'd never heard of? Didn't you wonder how such tiny parties managed to get an election broadcast, or how they raised the funding? Perhaps you voted for these parties as a protest; at our count, not one of the supposed candidates made an appearance, surely rather strange. Listening to the declations, and the cheers and applause from supporters, there was absolute silence every time the results of the small parties were read out. Uncanny.

Let's go back to what Mr. Robinson said:"There was quite a lot of behind the scenes co-operation amongst the parties {-}". Indeed there was, and that included ministers from the main parties agreeing, in a Parliamentary debate, to work closely with Searchlight. This organisation spends it's energy dealing in hate and intolerance against anti-communists. Until 2005, they were openly allied to UAF (United against Fascism), but decided that it would be better to keep the alliance secret in order not to alert the public.

In Searchlight's July magazine of that year a statement begins:

"This month Searchlight leaves Unite Against Fascism. Searchlight had members on UAF’s steering committee but, like others, we found it difficult to function when decisions were being made elsewhere. But the prime reason for our departure is because it is incompatible for us to be in an organisation that is pushing a different strategy to our own. We believe that localised campaigning on broader issues than racism, fundamental as racism is, is the key to turning back the British National Party’s electoral advance."

Further on in the statement we read:

We have no intention of engaging in an ongoing row with UAF or of setting up a rival national organisation. We also recognise that there are good activists on the ground who will carry on identifying with UAF whom we will continue to work with in the future."

The violent, disgusting behaviour and vandalism witnessed by many at the Red, White and Blue festival, at Stoke, on individual BNP members, and this week, the craven attacks against Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons this week, carried out by the thugs of UAF, have horrified all those who believe in the democratic right to elect a candidate of their choice. Which is what nearly a million clued-up people who voted BNP did last Thursday.

Read who are the supporters of the violent UAF here

So, if you're worried about the choice you made then consider the links between UAF, Searchlight and our main parties in Government. If you were duped into wasting your vote on honey-trap parties, well there will be other elections to come.

If you saw through it all and your heart and head led you to vote BNP -well done! Stay with us; if you're a new BNP voter you may be shocked at the calumnies levelled at you. Ignore them, they are the squeals of the dying left. It'll be a rocky road, but our brilliant MEPs, Councillors, activists and supporters will carry on the good work to make Britain once again the country we deserve.

All those who voted BNP will be part of that. We thank every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for having faith in us, and in this country. Bless you all.
Now let's get on with the job!

Monday, 8 June 2009


The election of NICK GRIFFIN and ANDREW BRONS as MEP's marks a new beginning for the people of our islands.

It has been a long and hard struggle to gain these seats, but the sacrifice and pain has been worth it.

Rejoice Englishmen, stand tall and proud, our voice, and the voices of those patriots who have gone before is being heard once more in fair Albion and in Europe

A heartfelt thanks too to those of our local kinsmen who put their heads above the parapet and helped us gain a beach head into Europe in the East Midlands

Well done Revd.Rob, Cathy, Peter, Lewis, Kevan.

You have played a huge part in slowing down the destruction of our nation and have given us hope for our children's future.

We are proud of you and salute you.

Saturday, 6 June 2009


We send our heartiest congratulations to Cllr. GRAHAM PARTNER who has been elected as Leicestershire's first British National Party County Councillor, winning Coalville Division in Thursday's local elections.

Graham, who at present is District Councillor for Hugglescote, polled 1039 votes, beating the Tories, Labour, Independents and Lib Dems.

A well-deserved result, Graham, we're all very proud of you. Well done to you, your hard-working team of activists, and all those who voted for you.

Our congratulations also go to SHARON WILKINSON, BNP's first County Councillor to be announced. Sharon won the Padiham and Burnley West ward, Lancashire with 1155 votes, beating Lib Dems, Labour and Tories.

Our 3rd. new BNP County Councillor to be congratulated is DEIRDRE GATES who won the South Oxhey, Hertfordshire seat. Never before contested by the BNP, Deirdre polled 783 votes, beating the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Some points on Polling Day

Some people have contacted us to say they haven't received a Polling Card and are anxious that they cannot vote. You do not have to take the card with you; as long as you're registered with the Council, you can vote.

If you go to vote late in the Evening (Polling Stations close at 10pm), make sure that it is your name that is being crossed off. There have been reports of fraud whereby corrupt officials can use the vote of people who they assume won't turn up by then to cast it themselves. Be alert to this, and if spotted, take a photo of the relevant sheet and report it to the Police.

Take a black pen with you to make your cross, then it can't be altered.

If you make a mistake, don't alter the voting slip -ask for a new one.

If it's your first time voting, don't worry if you're not sure what to do. The people there will be happy to guide you. Just be sure that the Party you choose is your choice, no one else's!


Wishing all BNP candidates, their supporters and voters Best Wishes and Every Success on Thursday June 4th.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mike Robinson, BNP candidate for Enderby 2009

Mike Robinson has sent us this message:-

'From Mike to all candidates and candidates`, the time has arrived; it`s the Big Day on Thursday. So let`s all look our best, our smartest- win or lose.
'Let's be the smartest on Parade, leaving no doubt in anyone`s mind as to just who we are.
'Don`t forget we`ll all be wearing the National Colours- yes, those Rosettes in Red, White and Blue- so let`s be proud, damned proud, as, even though David Cameron chooses to misrepresent us as "Nazis in suits" at least we`ll NEVER be "traitors and perverts in tails".
'Good Luck and Good Hunting on Thursday. Bonne Chance if you want a `second language` or even Buena Suerte for a third. Go for it!'

- Mike

Mike was elected as a Tory councillor for Beaumont Leys in 1987-1988. He became disillusioned with them as he saw them drift leftwards and looking for a party that reflected his patriotic views, he flirted briefly with UKIP before finding his true home with the traditional British values of the BNP, for whom he has stood as candidate in Enderby 3 times before, each time increasing his percentage of the vote.

Mike is retired, married and lives in the Blaby area; he has 2 sons, one of whom is an RAF helicopter instructor, while the other is an officer in the Fire Service. Mike himself served 12 years in the Royal Signals.

He sends a further message, to the voters:-

'This Labour government must take the blame for the sleaze corruption and economical situation we are witnessing. They have had 12 years to put it right, but after the recent revelations regarding MPs' and MEPs' jollies, still ongoing, can we trust the Tories, Libdems or UKIP to do any better?
'It might be an idea to have a change, particularly a party that will take us out of Europe. The British National Party is the only one to vote for on June 4th'

Monday, 1 June 2009

Cllr. John Ryde, BNP candidate for Mallory Division

John Ryde is a well-respected member of Newbold Verdon Parish Council. He is a well-known and popular figure in his community, a leader in campaigns on behalf of the residents in his village. The picture above shows John at one the protests he orchestrated against a proposed travellers' site which threatens to destroy countryside and wildlife on the edge of Newbold, a prospect the residents are very angry about.

John has sent us these very interesting clippings from his collection, seen below (click to enlarge):

He told us:
" I am standing as a British National Party candidate for the Mallory Division of Leicestershire County Council on June 4th.
I've just discovered these old press cuttings, when I stood in virtually the same seat in 1973. I believe that I came 2nd. then and am hoping to improve on that this time."

We wish John every success in the election on June 4th., it will be well-deserved.