Sunday, 10 May 2009

Local Candidates - or not?

You would imagine that the three main Parties would have no trouble at all finding a full slate of local candidates to represent the East Midlands in the upcoming Euro Elections. The region is comprised of the counties of Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire, so there should be no reason for not finding enough suitable people living in our area to stand.

Certainly, the British National Party had no such problem. Quite the reverse in fact, their only problem was having to choose the final five from the many excellent applicants within our Region.

Of the 5 Conservative candidates, 3 live outside the East Midlands. They are:

Emma McClarkin of Stroud, Gloucestershire
Rupert Oliver Matthews of Epsom Downs, Surrey
Fiona Louise Bulmer of Barnet, Hertfordshire

Labour has parachuted in 2 of their 5 candidates from afar:

Roy Francis Kennedy of London
Catherine Anne Marisa Taylor of Edinburgh

Edinburgh? Now that looks pretty desperate, but the Lib Dems managed to trump that with...

Deborah Violet Newton-Cook of Brussels, Belgium
Another Lib Dem candidate for the East Mids. is
Edward Robert Maxfield of Old Coulsden, Surrey

UKIP also had a struggle to complete their full slate for our region and had to add:

Stephen Allison of Hurworth Burn, County Durham

In contrast, here are the 5 British National Party Euro candidates for the East Midlands, with their residences:

Robert West of Holbeach, Lincolnshire
Catherine Duffy of Rothley, Leicestershire
Peter Charles Dennis Jarvis of Glenfield, Leicestershire
Lewis Richard Allsebrook of Heanor, Derbyshire
Kevan Christopher Stafford of Loughborough, Leicestershire

The members and supporters of the BNP in East Midlands Region are proud to have 5 out of 5 candidates local to our region, and wish them all every success on June 4th.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that people would vote for anyone who did not live and work in the area they are representing! Surely that's fundamental - if you cannot commit to live there, how can you fight on the constituency's behalf!

This is another 'plus' for the BNP.

Anonymous said...

And 50% of our candidates don't even live in the county council ward they are standing in.

Keats said...

Are you confusing County Councils with District Councils?
I think you'll find that all our County Council candidates live within the County they're standing in.
The article does not suggest that any of those Parties are not complying with the rules, but makes the point that they found it impossible to stand a full slate of candidates from within the Region they wish to represent.