Thursday, 28 May 2009

Use Your Cross

Dearly Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

May I urge all Christians who love their country to vote for the British National Party in the forthcoming Euro and Shire elections.

I am a Christian minister of the gospel and the lead candidate for the British National Party in the East Midlands Region; and can assure you all that the British National Party is an honest, decent and genuine party which is being persecuted by a self-serving and short-sighted establishment simply for speaking the truth and recommending policies of common sense - policies which will appeal to all people of good sense and good will.

Nations and countries are a gift from God (Genesis 10: 31, 32; Acts 17: 26, 27) and are not to be thrown away by the politics of mass invasion, which we are now seeing. The Church of England hierarchy should be defending England, not giving it away; and they should be preaching the gospel, not preparing a pathway for the Islamification of Britain, with all that will entail for discrimination against Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims, and sharia injustice to women.

Love of country and of one's people is not a sin; indeed the lack of it is. This is what we are seeing among the Bishops and Church bureaucrats, as well as the politicians. And whilst "moralising" to the decent people of Britain, the politicians have all the while had their hands (or trotters) in the till! It is time for this to stop.

If elected, I will be giving one tenth of my income to English causes and a lot of the rest of it to Christian causes.

Praise God for His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who has ordained that we are to live in our nations as nations; and that, in doing so, we will have both the space and the peace to seek Him and find Him - though He is not far from everyone of us.

Yours in Christ,

Rev Robert West,
Christian Council of Britain, Grace Covenant Fellowship,
British National Party.

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Anonymous said...

As to be expected from the Rev. Robert West a wonderfully succint analysis of the problems facing our country. That piece alone should get him elected.
David Egginton
AKA Son-of-Somme vet>