Wednesday, 6 May 2009

BNP members and supporters' views wanted

A request has been received from a journalist by the British National Party's Leicester Branch. She writes:

I'm a freelance journalist. I

I'm writing about rising support for the BNP. I'm looking at areas of traditional support for the BNP and new stronglands. The context for this is the MEP elections.

I realise Leicestershire is a growing base for the BNP and i wondered if i could speak to some of your supporters and activists there? Could you pass on an email adress for the Leicestershire community voice blog spot? I can keep any names anonymous but i am keen to see why people there support the BNP.

I realise you may be disdainful of journalists, however i am keen to see why you are so popular and will hope to represent your supporters views honestly."

Leicester's Organiser, Geoff Dickens, has replied with this response:

"Hi. The reasons given by voters, and new members alike, are they feel the old parties lib lab con, treat the British people with contempt and disdain. The face of Britain is changing, many feel discriminated against, they are fed up with being labelled RACIST if they complain about traveller sites, muslim studies in christian schools, white women being spat at and called whores as they go for a night out, older members see their children and grandchildren leaving Britain, because they see no future in the UK. We do not train our own people, instead we import the labour from developing countries, plundering them of their best people. I have forwarded your phone number to Leicester Community Voice.
Regards, Geoff Dickens"

We have decided not to publish the lady's email address for security reasons, but you can reply to her via the comments facility on this blog. This is for members, activists and supporters to give your reasons say and we encourage you to do this. While she does not want to know names, it might be an idea for commenters to state the general area they are writing about, in order to get a cross-section of views around the County.

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PATRIOT said...

I support the BNP because:
I am sick of the alternate Tory-Labour governments that have ruined my country during the last 50 years.
I hate the fact that I now live in a country that is so obsessed with race that few people even begin to understand what is or is not racist.
That the media and the education system are used as the armoury of the government to brainwash my grandchildren.
That our laws now emanate from Strasbourg/Brussells
That our police have become a politically correct arm of the state used to terrorise any easy target while ignoring real crime..
That I am not even allowed to think any thought that is contrary to the governments agenda of multiculturalism and demographic change of my country.
I understand there are problems in Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere but disagree that the answer is to encourage their populations to resettle Europe.
I am heartily sick of being displaced in my own country and being treated as a second class citizen.
I could go on for ever but I would willingly sit down and discuss my allegiance to the BNP with yourself given the opportunity.
However I leave you with my own campaign slogan that I think the BNP should adopt forthwith.


I am proud to be BNP
I am proud to be English
I am proud to be Son-of-Somme vet.