Thursday, 28 May 2009

Use Your Cross

Dearly Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

May I urge all Christians who love their country to vote for the British National Party in the forthcoming Euro and Shire elections.

I am a Christian minister of the gospel and the lead candidate for the British National Party in the East Midlands Region; and can assure you all that the British National Party is an honest, decent and genuine party which is being persecuted by a self-serving and short-sighted establishment simply for speaking the truth and recommending policies of common sense - policies which will appeal to all people of good sense and good will.

Nations and countries are a gift from God (Genesis 10: 31, 32; Acts 17: 26, 27) and are not to be thrown away by the politics of mass invasion, which we are now seeing. The Church of England hierarchy should be defending England, not giving it away; and they should be preaching the gospel, not preparing a pathway for the Islamification of Britain, with all that will entail for discrimination against Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims, and sharia injustice to women.

Love of country and of one's people is not a sin; indeed the lack of it is. This is what we are seeing among the Bishops and Church bureaucrats, as well as the politicians. And whilst "moralising" to the decent people of Britain, the politicians have all the while had their hands (or trotters) in the till! It is time for this to stop.

If elected, I will be giving one tenth of my income to English causes and a lot of the rest of it to Christian causes.

Praise God for His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who has ordained that we are to live in our nations as nations; and that, in doing so, we will have both the space and the peace to seek Him and find Him - though He is not far from everyone of us.

Yours in Christ,

Rev Robert West,
Christian Council of Britain, Grace Covenant Fellowship,
British National Party.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Update - Election Addresses

Following an earlier article on this blog concerning the delivery of BNP Election Addresses by the Post Office, a lady living in LE8 has contacted us. She says:

"I received mine this morning (Wednesday, 20th May) but I might have missed it because it was tucked int the County Council's magazine "Leicestershire Matters".

I'd advise people to check inside these, and other free stuff that gets delivered, if you've not had yours yet. An awful lot of people don't bother to read these things, and it might possibly be seen as a way for the P.O. to 'dump' the leaflets while still being within the law."

So, Check inside your 'bumff! The Post Office have until this Saturday, 23rd. May, to ensure everyone receives their copy of the BNP Election Address. Don't forget to contact us if you haven't received yours by then.
You can report non-delivery of the leaflet HERE

So, you thought it was just LibLabCon?

The whole country has been reeling from the disclosures of fraud, corruption and greedy guzzling of tax-payers' money by Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem MPs, with 2 Leicestershire MPs, Keith Vaz (Leicester East) and Alan Duncan (Melton and Rutland) being exposed in the Press for having their shameful snouts in the trough.

The electorate has responded to all this with outrage and disgust; no longer are they taken in by hollow apologies, cheques being waved around, or party leaders self-righteously condemning 'the system' after they have also been caught out. It won't wash, and thus people are turning in droves to other parties.

UKIP sounded like a safe bet for a protest vote; after all, the media promote them, LibLabCon wouldn't mind if your vote went to them, and that nice Mr. Nigel Farage is so often on BBC Question Time that they must approve of UKIP too.

Well, it seems that Mr. Farage, and his party, are not all they seem. The following article appears on the British National Party's website, quoting Mr. Farage as "cheerfully" admitting to pocketing £2,000,000 in expenses!

UKIP party leader Nigel Farage has dealt his party a death blow by “cheerfully” announcing that he has taken “more than £2 million in expenses” from his time in the European parliament - over and above his salary.
The shocking comment was revealed during a lunch Mr Farage had with former Labour Minister for Europe, Denis MacShane MP, after a Foreign Press Association conference on the future of the European Union yesterday (image alongside).

The news firmly places UKIP into the same bracket as all the other Westminster political parties with regards to ripping off the hard pressed taxpayers in the shocking expenses scandal which has engulfed all the political parties in Britain - except the BNP.

Talking on today’s BBC 2 Daily Politics Show, Mr Macshane was trying to defend his own personal outrageous expenses claims - and those of his colleagues - when he suddenly announced that this sort of thing was everywhere.

“I was with Nigel Farage of UKIP yesterday afternoon debating and he said quite cheerfully - you know what Nigel is like - I have got two million pounds in expenses from the European Parliament,” Mr Macshane said, obviously hoping that the announcement of this bit of thievery would somehow excuse his own.

Mr Farage’s outrageous claims could not have come at a worse time for his party, struggling as it is after losing 25 percent of its MPs after the 2004 election, with two of them being arrested for fraud.

With the latest revelation, observers are now asking the question if Mr Farage himself - over whom there have long been questions about his financial probity linked to his refusal till now to reveal any audited statement of his expenses - will be able to avoid the fate of his colleagues already arrested for exploiting the expenses system.

A secret European Parliament report, the details of which were earlier leaked but largely suppressed by the media, uncovered what it described as “extensive, widespread and criminal abuse” by Euro-MPs of staff allowances worth almost £100 million a year.
Senior Euro-MPs and European Union officials have tried to hush up an internal audit that found severe problems and endemic misuse of funds worth at least £98.4 million a year, more than £125,000 for each of the 785 Euro-MPs.

Such is the extent of the abuse found in a sample group of 167 Euro-MPs that “terrified” parliamentary authorities have shrouded the report in secrecy and security.
Only Euro-MPs on the Parliament’s budget control committee are allowed to see the report. To do so, they must apply to enter a “secret room”, protected by biometric locks and security guards. They may not take notes and must sign a confidentiality agreement.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Euro candidate Cathy Duffy filmed for The Politics Show

East Midlands Euro Elections candidate, Cathy Duffy, was filmed in East Goscote, supported by fellow Euro candidates Peter Jarvis and Kevan Stafford, and Cllr. John Ryde, for the BBC Politics Show.

This will be hopefully featured on the East Midlands segment of the show which goes out on BBC TV on Sunday 17th May at 12.00 noon.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

BNP Launches Euro Election Campaign in East and West Midlands

From BNP Regional Voices, May 12th 2009:

The British National Party launched its official European election campaign at a prestigious venue in Birmingham this afternoon, reports Simon Darby, deputy leader and lead West Midlands candidate.

“We are very positive about our chances in both East and West Midlands, where we need just 11 and 13 percent of the vote respectively to take a seat,” Mr Darby told BNP News.

Short speeches were followed by the presentation of candidates for the two regions: Ms Cathy Duffy, Mr Peter Jarvis and Mr Kevan Stafford, 3 of the 5 for the East Midlands and Mr Darby and Mr Chris Turner, 2 of the 5 for the West Midlands.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Election Addresses (Post Office Deliveries)

British National Party Election Addresses will be delivered to main Post Office depots on Monday and Tuesday 11th. and 12th. May.The Post Office are allowed up to 10 days delivery.

Please be alert and inform us if they are not delivered by Saturday 23rd. May as they have to deliver them by that date under the Representation of the Peoples Act.

As pointed out at the Euro Candidates briefing in Leicester, there is a facility available to the Party for tracking deliveries online. This will enable us to identify any areas which are failing in their duty. Legal action can if necessary be taken against Post Office managers of said failing areas.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Local Candidates - or not?

You would imagine that the three main Parties would have no trouble at all finding a full slate of local candidates to represent the East Midlands in the upcoming Euro Elections. The region is comprised of the counties of Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire, so there should be no reason for not finding enough suitable people living in our area to stand.

Certainly, the British National Party had no such problem. Quite the reverse in fact, their only problem was having to choose the final five from the many excellent applicants within our Region.

Of the 5 Conservative candidates, 3 live outside the East Midlands. They are:

Emma McClarkin of Stroud, Gloucestershire
Rupert Oliver Matthews of Epsom Downs, Surrey
Fiona Louise Bulmer of Barnet, Hertfordshire

Labour has parachuted in 2 of their 5 candidates from afar:

Roy Francis Kennedy of London
Catherine Anne Marisa Taylor of Edinburgh

Edinburgh? Now that looks pretty desperate, but the Lib Dems managed to trump that with...

Deborah Violet Newton-Cook of Brussels, Belgium
Another Lib Dem candidate for the East Mids. is
Edward Robert Maxfield of Old Coulsden, Surrey

UKIP also had a struggle to complete their full slate for our region and had to add:

Stephen Allison of Hurworth Burn, County Durham

In contrast, here are the 5 British National Party Euro candidates for the East Midlands, with their residences:

Robert West of Holbeach, Lincolnshire
Catherine Duffy of Rothley, Leicestershire
Peter Charles Dennis Jarvis of Glenfield, Leicestershire
Lewis Richard Allsebrook of Heanor, Derbyshire
Kevan Christopher Stafford of Loughborough, Leicestershire

The members and supporters of the BNP in East Midlands Region are proud to have 5 out of 5 candidates local to our region, and wish them all every success on June 4th.

Friday, 8 May 2009

British National Party Election Broadcasts

British National Party Election Broadcasts for the English Local Elections
(Please check on the day as TV guides are not always accurate)

Wednesday 13 May
BBC1: 10:35pm - 10:40pm (VIDEO Plus+ 638394) Subtitled.

Wednesday 13 May
BBC2: 11:20pm - 11:25pm (VIDEO Plus+ 286508) Subtitled.

Wednesday 13th May
ITV: 10.35pm - 10.40pm


British National Party Election Broadcasts for the European Parliament

Thursday 14th May
Channel 5: 6.55pm

Tuesday 26th May
BBC1: 6.55pm
BBC2: 5.55pm
ITV: 6.25pm

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

BNP members and supporters' views wanted

A request has been received from a journalist by the British National Party's Leicester Branch. She writes:

I'm a freelance journalist. I

I'm writing about rising support for the BNP. I'm looking at areas of traditional support for the BNP and new stronglands. The context for this is the MEP elections.

I realise Leicestershire is a growing base for the BNP and i wondered if i could speak to some of your supporters and activists there? Could you pass on an email adress for the Leicestershire community voice blog spot? I can keep any names anonymous but i am keen to see why people there support the BNP.

I realise you may be disdainful of journalists, however i am keen to see why you are so popular and will hope to represent your supporters views honestly."

Leicester's Organiser, Geoff Dickens, has replied with this response:

"Hi. The reasons given by voters, and new members alike, are they feel the old parties lib lab con, treat the British people with contempt and disdain. The face of Britain is changing, many feel discriminated against, they are fed up with being labelled RACIST if they complain about traveller sites, muslim studies in christian schools, white women being spat at and called whores as they go for a night out, older members see their children and grandchildren leaving Britain, because they see no future in the UK. We do not train our own people, instead we import the labour from developing countries, plundering them of their best people. I have forwarded your phone number to Leicester Community Voice.
Regards, Geoff Dickens"

We have decided not to publish the lady's email address for security reasons, but you can reply to her via the comments facility on this blog. This is for members, activists and supporters to give your reasons say and we encourage you to do this. While she does not want to know names, it might be an idea for commenters to state the general area they are writing about, in order to get a cross-section of views around the County.