Sunday, 26 April 2009

Minutes of the BNP Leicester Branch Meeting, April, 2009

The Meeting was opened and Chaired by Geoff Dickens.
56 people attended.
Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.

Organiser's Report
There was a short Organiser's Report by Geoff Dickens:

At the Battle for Britain fund-raiser we took over £2000, and the one in Ashfield raised a similar amount, both for the East Midlands. We have sent off our £22,000 for our glossy leaflets, to be delivered by the post office.

1st. speaker:
Pete Cheeseman, a new member, spoke on joining the BNP, from receiving his plastic membership card to going to his first meeting. He said it was like joining a family, and he was glad to be a member.

2nd. speaker:
Keith Addison spoke on the economy; our huge manufacturing base has gone, unable to compete with people earning 20 to 30 pence an hour as in China. We're printing money we haven't earned; Rhodesia and The Weimar Republic have done that and inflation followed, with a cup of coffee costing 2million Zimbabwean dollars. After the war we were told 'Export or Die.' We aren't exporting, and Keith can see this country dying.

Election report by Wayne McDermott
Wayne told us that we are the fourth biggest political party! He asked for some more people to stand in the council elections so that everyone would be able to vote BNP locally. He also told us that we need 13% of votes across the board in the East Midlands to get the Reverend West elected, and asked everyone to do something, leafleting, addressing envelopes, and attending the count.

15 minute interval

-Geoff told us that during the break two more established members had offered to stand in the Leicestershire area.

Guest speaker:
The Reverend Rob West, our guest speaker, told us that he was pleased to be addressing Britain's most fine and decent Party. The other Parties, he said, don't address the invasion, they call it immigration, but unless we remain the majority population, they will take over. It isn't racist to stand up for your community, your country, and the difference between their birthrate and ours is so significant that we are being dispossessed. All of the other racial groups in this country can play the race card, but we can't, we're just Whites, our ethnicity is being denied.
The Revd. then read out part of Michelle Obama's graduate thesis, where she wrote that..."There was no doubt in my mind that as a member of the black community I am obligated to this community, and will utilise all of my present and future resources to benefit the black community first and foremost." She is a black nationalist, which is fine, but if we said that about our white community it would be racist and wrong!
Reverend West went on to tell us where it says in the Bible that men should live in nations, in separate countries. The Church is critical of the BNP and it should not be.

The collection with teas raised £561.79 and one euro.
The raffle raised £69.70.
The next meeting is on 27th June in the Blaby District

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