Friday, 24 April 2009

"The Countryman", Sharnford, Leicestershire

Firstly, I want to make it clear that we have no connections to The Countryman in Sharnford.

My friend and I usually go out on Thursdays for a meal; as yesterday was St. George's Day, we wanted something typically English. We set off, with the St. George's flag flying merrily from the car window, and the 3 lions flag draped across the back.

Passing through Sharnford on the way to a pub we frequent, we were pleased to see that the first pub on Sharnford's main street was flying the flag; further along, we passed "The Countryman", and were thrilled to see St. George's flags in abundance; from a tall flagpole in their garden with 3 more flying on the pub frontage. Seeing this, we decided to stop there, and went in. The inside was decorated with St. George's Cross bunting,and while we were ordering at the bar, plates of miniature Yorkshire puddings filled with beef and accompanied by jugs of gravy were brought out for people to help themselves. What a lovely idea!

I asked some customers if this was usual. No, said one young man, there with his wife and little daughter, it's especially for St. George's Day; they came because it is his birthday. He added that it was also William Shakespeare's birthday and date of death; I shouldn't have been surprised that he knew that and said it proudly, but thank goodness there are still young people who know their history!

Now, we don't usually promote one pub over another, they all need our support to halt the rising tide of closures, but they made a real effort to celebrate our Englishness and deserve to do well; not only that, but they have a special 2 course offer for only £3.95 at the moment - the pudding alone would cost that at least in most places!

So, if you're in the area, visit this pretty Leicestershire village, pop in for a pint at least.
And if you were favourably impressed by an establishment's St. George's Day celebrations, get the word out and support them. Because they're worth it.

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