Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Thieves at Fosse Park - please read

A concerned member of the public has passed on the following warning to us from Neighbourhood Watch:

"The following message was sent on to me by another NHW Coordinator and I thought it would be helpful to pass it on to all in our area. If you shop at Sainsbury's in Fosse Park it is particularly relevant but it could happen anywhere.


"This is a report IN HER OWN Words of details of an incident that occurred on Wednesday 11th of Feb.
Please note and pass on to your contacts and friends. This message was received by one of our local N.W. members and I thank him sincerely for this information. This is what N.W. is all about."

Message begins: -

“This is what happened to me last Wednesday.

I got into my car in Sainsbury's car park and before I had a chance to put my key in the iginition there was a tap on the window of the front passenger door. Immediately the door was opened and a man started talking very rapidly to me in broken English. My first reaction was to lean across my handbag as this man was leaning into my car. He was trying to find out where the hospital was, so naturally I tried to point him in the right direction. He then thrust a large road atlas into the car and was trying to get me to point out where the hospital was on the map. He also had a woman with him and kept speaking to her in their own language as they didn't appear to understand what I was trying to say.

After a couple of minutes or so, they left me saying something about getting a taxi.

I went home and mentioned this to Steve telling him I hadn't liked the fact that they had actually opened my car door, and that of course most people would tap on a window and wait for it to be wound down. At this time I just thought it was a case of them not knowing that you don't invade someone's space like that.

An hour and a half after I had arrived home I went to get something out of my purse, only to find that my debit card and credit card were not in the purse.

I immediately rang my bank to stop the cards and was lucky, although they had attempted to take over £5000 they didn't use the correct PIN number. So I haven't lost any money at all which is good, but now I have the inconvenience of having no cards until the middle of next week.

The man had presumably removed my purse from my handbag, under the cover of the road atlas, passed it to his accomplice, who took the cards, returned the purse to the man, who then got it back into my bag. I saw none of this happen, it was all very quick. I was just trying to help them with directions, which was difficult because of the language barrier. They were very plausible. I hadn't even noticed them near my car when I got in it.

This all took place at Sainsbury's at Fosse Park just after 7 last night, I was in a busy area of the car park, near the main entrance, with plenty of people around. They have no CCTV watching the car park.

I phoned the police and they told me this and similar incidents have become quite common. So please watch out and pass this on to as many people as you can. These criminals also work with other people inside the shops who watch you entering your PIN number into the chip & PIN machine.”

16.02.09 Latest Update from our member:

Further to my last email reference the lady who has had her cards stolen, she has now found out that they have taken £500.00 out of her account, despite the bank saying that they did not get into her account. So when she paid for her shopping by card, another accomplice must have been watching and passed her pin details to the other two.

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