Thursday, 12 March 2009

Support our Troops

All right-thinking people in Britain and beyond will have been outraged this week when returning soldiers of the Royal Anglian Regiment (which incorporated the Royal Leicestershire Regiment in 1964) were subjected in Luton to a despicable display of abuse and hate by extremists. This was compounded by a flyer circulated in the town by muslims, inciting hatred and action against our troops (with a quote from their Koran), a treasonous offence; none were arrested, though it is shameful that 2 people objecting to these haters were arrested for supporting our soldiers. As it turns out, these very un-British muslims misjudged the patriotic people of Luton, and the whole country. Their vicious hatred succeeded in opening more peoples' eyes to the "religion of peace"; their tirade backfired badly.

Likewise, the murders of 2 soldiers and a policeman in Northern Ireland occasioned the utmost disgust and anger by the British public, not least by Irish people who abhor, like us, vile extremists in their midst.

The BNP has had a flurry of requests for information on the Party folowing this incident, and many ask: what can we do? How can we show support for our troops?
One way is to be present on the route when you know troops in your area are returning; applaud them, show the flag, and buy them a drink when you meet a soldier in your local pub.

Another is this very practical way and will cheer our soldiers' hearts:

Surprise Supplies

Originally set up by one of the mothers of a serving soldier, this allows members of the public to send Freepost small gifts out anonymously to the Troops serving abroad.

More ways for you and the Family to Show support to British Troops.
Please consider passing on the Link.

Show you Support our Troops by sending them Anonymous 'Suprise Supplies' ( Post Free )

Some Addresses to send to:

(Please DO NOT include Senders address as the Organisers do not wish the Troops to be distracted by feeling obliged to Write Thank you Notes.)

A British Soldier
c/o Capt P Williams MC
HQ 52 Infantry Brigade
BFPO 715
Op Herrick 7

A British Soldier
c/o Capt. S Beattie MBE
HQ Task Force Helmand
Lashkar Gah
BFPO 715

A British Soldier
c/o JI Branch
Op Telic
BFPO 641

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