Friday, 13 March 2009

Support our returning troops - in Leicester

Soldiers are to parade in Leicester, with tanks, for the first time since World War II.

Some 150 troops from the 9th and 12th Royal Lancers will go to Town Hall Square on Monday following their return from Iraq.

The group Help for Heroes, which supports wounded servicemen, said it was an opportunity to thank the unit.
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They will muster at 1pm in Town Hall Square and the route will see them marching around the centre of Leicester.It would be good to see as many people there as possible, cheering our lads home. It's the British thing to do.

News Update

We received an email telling us that a group of Islamists held a protest against our troops in Gallowtree Gate on Saturday. A burkha clad individual attempted to hand out leaflets to passers-by but was indignantly shunned by the decent people of Leicester.

We received two emails today from Leicestershire people who watched the Parade.

'Leicester Voice' wrote to say:
"What a magnificant sight it was in sunlit Leicester today as thousands packed the streets to cheer our lads on their return from hell torn Afghanistan.

The streets were lined with cheering flag-waving white Britons with no sign or sight of the "religion of peace'

I remember cheering our lads back in 1945, and to see this level of patriotic feeling in 2009 has given me renewed strength for the coming electoral battles that we are about to fight."

The second email, from Mike, reads:
Watched the lads march past at 1330 and without a trace of the `Lutons`!

BBC, who were everywhere, must have been grinding their teeth as hundreds and hundreds of Leicester people (of all backgrounds and races) cheered our boys back home from active service. Lots of folks-us included- were waving little plastic Union Jacks and cheering away madly. `Twas a great event!

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