Sunday, 15 March 2009

Rev. West conducts Morning service in Leicestershire

This morning, worshippers from many parts of Leicestershire gathered to take part in a Service conducted by Rev. Robert West of Lincolnshire.

The congregation, larger than is usual, joined in with the hymns and prayers and listened intently to Rev. West's readings from the Old Testament - Malachi 3:1, and Isaiah 40:1-8, and from the New Testament: St. Mark's Gospel,1:1-11, and his inspiring sermon which followed. He opened by explaining that this was a Gospel Church. That many of the Church clerics have lost the Gospel, and that he believes in going methodically through Scripture: you have to read it, whether you like what it says or not.

Rev. Robert West is a popular preacher who always draws a crowd wherever he goes, because his Services are traditional, and what he has to say comes straight from simple Christian teaching, untainted by the desire to pander to political correctness.

He was Ordained nearly 30 years ago by the Episcopic Church, also being Ordained as an Elder. After some disagreement with the direction the Church was heading he is now Free and Independant. He has preached to Church of England congregations too, and this morning expressed his pleasure at once more preaching in a Chapel setting.

When asked today about the BNP, Rev. West replied:

" The BNP is Britain's finest and most decent Party, and it is my view that they are being unjustly picked on for simply telling the truth and standing up for the native peoples in their own country."

We agree; we thank Rev. Robert West for his inspiring Service and wish him every success in his bid to become an MEP.

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The Green Arrow said...

What a good article.

If our local clergy were more like the Rev. West, then even I would return to the Church.