Thursday, 19 March 2009

Newbold Verdon; proposed travellers' site

Newbold Verdon residents have been alerted to the problems of a proposed travellers' site on Kirkby Lane.
A meeting was arranged by the Parish Council and around 100 people gathered in the village earlier this month to express their disquiet over the proposal to David Tredinnick, MP for Hinckley and Bosworth. At the meeting on Kirkby Lane, Mr Tredinnick allowed that the consultation process had been fraught and the public had been unable to attend meetings.

Parish Councillor Mr. John Ryde, who was instrumental in bringing this issue to villager's attention, said at the meeting:

(Quoted from the Coalville Times)
"The site itself is unsuitable for development at all. The nature of it's position is in the middle of agricultural land and access to it is flawed. We have found certain wildlife there, such as a colony of bats which are protected, and there may be golden crested newts.

"The borough council, during the consultation, seems unwilling to meet with large groups of people. with access to meetings limited to a certain number.
"Many residents weren't even aware where the site was. They do not really know what is happening and the council is going ahead without the level of consultation expected.
"I read that we have 67% of the traveller population here. We have our fair share and that is enough. The site itself is not suitable and, if we do have to have it, there are more suitable sites.
"People at the meeting were very well behaved. They were not angry, just concerned about what is going on.
"The proposal is unsuitable and the council has made a bad choice."

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