Friday, 6 March 2009

Minutes of Leicester BNP branch meeting, February 2009

Minutes of BNP branch Meeting in Blaby District area, February 2009

The meeting was opened and chaired by Mike Robinson. 52 people attended.
The Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.
We held a one minute silence for Andrew Waudby who died so recently.

Organiser's Report by Geoff Dickens:
In the elections in Thringstone we achieved 28%; it was the first time we had stood there.
We won a council seat in Sevenoaks with 40% of the vote.
James Mole is now fundholder for the whole of the East Midlands.
Thanks to John Ryde for producing so many leaflets, and to Sue for doing the excellent blog.
Geoff spoke about the EU elections; the Rev. Rob West is our number one Candidate, with Kathy Duffy our second, and Peter Jarvis our third.
Geoff also told us about the upcoming events, the 1940s fund-raiser on 9th March, and St. Georges Day in Ravenstone on 26th April.

Councillor Paul Preston
Paul spoke about going along to your Parish Council meetings where you find out what's happening locally and get your face known. He encouraged us to try to get on our Parish Councils and then to get together to find out what's happening in other areas. Later in the meeting Paul was made Liaison officer for Leicestershire Parish Councillors.

Councillor Peter Jarvis
Peter also spoke about standing to be elected to any available seats. He said that what we do today will help us survive tomorrow. Where one in seven workers in this country are from overseas, we need to reverse this. Blaby District Council asked in a newsletter how we could reduce global warming, and in the same letter asked where residents would like to build hundreds of new houses. Peter said that 50% of carbon emissions come from housing stock.

Press report by John Ryde:
John told us about the Thringstone campaign, and said that we've got twelve weeks before the EU elections, the most important part of Nationalist politics is now. You all have to help so we have a future. People are looking for support and are looking for us! 65,000 leaflets have been printed here locally, get leafleting!

15 minute interval

Guest speaker, Peter Strudwick
Peter told us that millions of people would join this party if it wasn't for the dissimulation of information against us, but 2009 will be a salutary year for us. He left the Conservative Party when David Cameron spoke about 'hugging a hoody' ; he tore his card up and joined the BNP because the Lib Lab Cons aren't Nationalist.
Peter spoke on immigration, and told us that this country has been turned into a multicultural multi-racial society, without a referendum because we'd say no. He gave the instance of Jacky Smith giving the sanction to give jobs to 7000 illegal immigrants, and he wrote to her to say that she had committed the criminal offence of aiding and abetting illegal immigrants. The letter back was pathetic, he said.
He also told us that the Lisbon treaty states that an EU prosecutor will decide who gets prosecuted in this country. But the dawn of the new awakening is the rise of the BNP. We owe it to our forefathers, to our children and to ourselves.

The collection, with teas, raised £234.04 and 5000 Vietnamese dong

The raffle raised £85

The next meeting is on April 25th


Poppy Seed said...

I assume that you will repatriating the 5000 Vietnamese dong...

Keats said...

Ah, never assume! They have joined Leicester BNP's collection of numismatic curiosities!

...though I believe it did break a certain person's heart that they weren't worth exchanging for their British equivalent...