Friday, 27 March 2009

Close to suicide to House Move in 2 weeks

We would like to share with you this heartwarming success story from North West Leicestershire:

From being close to suicide to happiness and a house move in 2 weeks – Thanks to the BNP

As readers of this months VOF will see, often the BNP in North West Leicestershire are working for people not only in the wards where we have councillors but in other areas of the District too, wherever someone needs our help.

During canvassing in the Thringstone by election in February Ivan Hammonds came across another resident whose requests for help where being ignored by the usual culprits. The lady in question was seeking help for her mother, who was being plagued by an alcoholic lout in a flat above. With the constant all night parties, and the fear of the yobs attending them, she admitted she was considering suicide. There was no one helping her stop this terrible nuisance ... not even our local MP, who gave her the usual “Fob Off”

During the campaign Ivan Hammonds and Cllr. Graham Partner visited her to discuss the situation. Graham went immediately to the Council Offices to pursue this issue, only to find that the authority was not even investigating her complaints. Graham told them in no uncertain way what he expected to happen and that he wanted it sorting ASAP.

Thankfully councillor Partner’s persistence paid off and within twenty four hours the mother of the lady Ivan had canvassed just a couple of weeks earlier had been promised a move to a lovely property just down the road. Job done you would of thought but not for Graham and Ivan, who ten days later decided to spend their Saturday helping the lady move free of charge to save her the expense of hiring a removal van.

I would imagine that that lady and her family will certainly be voting BNP in the future and telling others to do likewise. Speaking to Ivan this morning he pointed out this is something everyone in the BNP should be doing. Yes it helps if you have a local councillor or two but even if you don’t, you can approach the council with issues on behalf of local people.

The more of us that start acting like councillors now the better job we will do when we become councillors.

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