Sunday, 22 March 2009

Bias - then and now

A veteran BNP member expresses his disgust at recent happenings. He writes:

"The B.N.P. has always been made out -by its enemies/opponents - as a party of violent `yobboes`, or even worse. The truth, as anyone associated with the B.N.P. since the earlier days will confirm, is quite the opposite; the Party was (and still is) the victim rather than the aggressor.

"The awful, murderous hammer attack recently on a B.N.P. candidate in the Liverpool area is really just the latest-perhaps, so far, the worst- attack on party members/supporters.

Tony Ward following the hammer attack

"Leicester, too, has seen its share of this violence. Perhaps our worst case happened around 1989-90 when some `nutters` attacked the home of E.Midlands Organiser John Peacock.

"John, a small, but tough, ex-Regular, was responsible for all B.N.P. activities and organisation across the E.Midlands- not a particularly onerous task then, as not a lot of political activity was taking place; we hadn`t the numbers, nor the funds.He was not at home when a very nasty attack took place; perhaps he was out at work or doing some shopping (he lived alone)- I don`t know.

"What I do know is that his little first-floor flat on Narborough Rd. (close to the railway line) was attacked with petrol bombs! This can be checked with Leicester City Police/Leics. Fire Brigade; their records will have full details.

"I only heard of this myself when I met John for the first time in the early Spring of 1992; the scorch marks around the doorway from the petrol bomb attack were still clearly visible.

"20 years or so later its possible that the firebugs who were responsible for this are still living in the Leicester area. One hopes they`ve matured a bit since then and are now totally ashamed of their actions.

John Peacock (in centre wearing tie)

"John died, suddenly, in 1999. He`s remembered by his colleagues, old and new, by the forming of the "Peacock Club", an organisation within the Party with the aim of collecting funds. Members pay a fixed (minimum) amount per month and, in return, receive an invitation to an annual, swanky, black-tie dinner complete with invited Speaker at a special upmarket location.

"The Club fills at least 3 functions; one, it collects the necessary funds; two it brings together nationalists in a relaxing social environment and three, it keeps the memory alive of the man who `kept it all together in the E.Midlands during the early years when organisation, numbers and funds were few and far between`. This last phrase, surely, will remain as his epitaph, a line he would have scoffed at. Nevertheless I feel sure he would have approved of it. Now, in the Spring of 2009, John would have been completely amazed at the progress we`ve made; all in just 10 years.

"At a later date, perhaps half a dozen years on in the 90`s, a well-known local Nationalist leader regularly applied to Leics. Constabulary for permission to hold a public rally in support of/in opposition to some political event/scheme, whatever. This was always done in writing and through the proper channels; it was always approved.

"On the day in question, and and on almost every occasion, after the dozen or so members had turned up at the agreed and approved location, they were run-in by the local police. No, they were never charged with anything; how could they be, they`d got written approval from the top! But that`s what happened.

"Can you imagine, now in 2009 - bearing in mind last Saturday`s protest against OUR TROOPS by MUSLIMS in Leicester City Centre- what would happen today if the police had run THEM in ? Don`t bother to answer."

Anyone from the East Midlands wishing to join the Peacock Club and attend the dinner should email

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Anonymous said...

I never met John Peacock, but everyone I have spoken to who did know him, hold his memory in the highest esteem. Congratulations Mr Peacock, I do hope you are looking down on us with pride at the great strides being made. We will always remember that none of it could happen without your perseverance in the early days.
A former Labour councillor joined us recently and is aghast at the violence and intimidation being directed at this party (all carried out in the name of his former party), yet in reality it is nothing compared to that inflicted on the early pioneers.
Always remember
Michael Clarke