Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Battle for Britain Roadshow comes to Leicestershire

The British National Party's Euro elections campaign has begun, and on Monday, 9th March, it was Leicestershire's turn to experience the BNP'S Battle for Britain Roadshow which is touring the country.

At a superb venue in West Leicestershire, members and friends were treated to an evening which transported us back in time, while reminding us that our birthright of sovereignty and freedoms won so valiantly by earlier generations now falls to us to defend.

The scene was set by atmospheric music from the 1940s as the large room filled up and overflowed into nearby annexes. The evening started in earnest with a moving speech by Cllr. Peter Jarvis, who also introduced the East Midlands Euro Candidates; the Rev. Robert West then addressed the packed room, after which he said Grace and everyone was invited to tuck into a supper of "wartime fare" served in a candlelit room - bangers and mash, very tasty!

I won't go into details, as I don't want to spoil the event for those yet to see it, but there was a film which was nostalgic and also held a warning; poetry; a patriotic song which was a hit in the dark days of WW2.

To rousing applause, and a standing ovation, the Chairman, Nick Griffin, stood up to speak. His subjects encompassed the panoply of our past, our perilous present, and our uncertain future, while assuring us that the Party is on the edge of great things.
It was a stunning speech and his audience were visibly moved, many wiping away a surreptitious tear.

After his speech,the Chairman then auctioned an orange - remember, during wartime, oranges were like gold! But this was a special orange, it came with a stay at a luxury hotel and a romantic dinner for two! A second auction was held, while wartime personnel collected money in sandbags.

This event raised funds for the East Midlands Euro campaign totalling £1746 after all expenses were deducted. The evening also resulted in new enquirers, with some being inspired to join on the night.

We wish to thank all those who took part, everyone involved in the organisation of such a wonderful evening, both in front of and behind the scenes, and those who came from far and near to join us; it was truly memorable. For those who have not yet seen the roadshow, do be sure to get your tickets and experience it. You won't be disappointed.

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