Friday, 27 March 2009

Close to suicide to House Move in 2 weeks

We would like to share with you this heartwarming success story from North West Leicestershire:

From being close to suicide to happiness and a house move in 2 weeks – Thanks to the BNP

As readers of this months VOF will see, often the BNP in North West Leicestershire are working for people not only in the wards where we have councillors but in other areas of the District too, wherever someone needs our help.

During canvassing in the Thringstone by election in February Ivan Hammonds came across another resident whose requests for help where being ignored by the usual culprits. The lady in question was seeking help for her mother, who was being plagued by an alcoholic lout in a flat above. With the constant all night parties, and the fear of the yobs attending them, she admitted she was considering suicide. There was no one helping her stop this terrible nuisance ... not even our local MP, who gave her the usual “Fob Off”

During the campaign Ivan Hammonds and Cllr. Graham Partner visited her to discuss the situation. Graham went immediately to the Council Offices to pursue this issue, only to find that the authority was not even investigating her complaints. Graham told them in no uncertain way what he expected to happen and that he wanted it sorting ASAP.

Thankfully councillor Partner’s persistence paid off and within twenty four hours the mother of the lady Ivan had canvassed just a couple of weeks earlier had been promised a move to a lovely property just down the road. Job done you would of thought but not for Graham and Ivan, who ten days later decided to spend their Saturday helping the lady move free of charge to save her the expense of hiring a removal van.

I would imagine that that lady and her family will certainly be voting BNP in the future and telling others to do likewise. Speaking to Ivan this morning he pointed out this is something everyone in the BNP should be doing. Yes it helps if you have a local councillor or two but even if you don’t, you can approach the council with issues on behalf of local people.

The more of us that start acting like councillors now the better job we will do when we become councillors.

Newbold Verdon: residents picket meeting

(Click on a photo to enlarge)

Following the protest earlier this month against a proposed traveller's site, a consultation meeting was held at St. James' Parish Hall in Newbold Verdon which was picketed by concerned residents of all ages.

Although the meeting was limited to 80 people, a great many more thronged outside, determined that they would be heard and holding placards reading: "Say NO to traveller's site", and "Newbold says NO". They were joined by residents from the adjoining villages of Desford, and Kirkby Mallory, who held similar placards; all sending the strong, united message that they are now aware of the implications of the site, and want none of it.

Thanks must go to Newbold's parish council, and especially to Councillor John Ryde who's research and work behind the scenes has been instrumental in bringing these issues to the attention of residents. Well done also to everyone who turned out to make their feelings known -a splendid example of Leicestershire's community voice in action!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Bias - then and now

A veteran BNP member expresses his disgust at recent happenings. He writes:

"The B.N.P. has always been made out -by its enemies/opponents - as a party of violent `yobboes`, or even worse. The truth, as anyone associated with the B.N.P. since the earlier days will confirm, is quite the opposite; the Party was (and still is) the victim rather than the aggressor.

"The awful, murderous hammer attack recently on a B.N.P. candidate in the Liverpool area is really just the latest-perhaps, so far, the worst- attack on party members/supporters.

Tony Ward following the hammer attack

"Leicester, too, has seen its share of this violence. Perhaps our worst case happened around 1989-90 when some `nutters` attacked the home of E.Midlands Organiser John Peacock.

"John, a small, but tough, ex-Regular, was responsible for all B.N.P. activities and organisation across the E.Midlands- not a particularly onerous task then, as not a lot of political activity was taking place; we hadn`t the numbers, nor the funds.He was not at home when a very nasty attack took place; perhaps he was out at work or doing some shopping (he lived alone)- I don`t know.

"What I do know is that his little first-floor flat on Narborough Rd. (close to the railway line) was attacked with petrol bombs! This can be checked with Leicester City Police/Leics. Fire Brigade; their records will have full details.

"I only heard of this myself when I met John for the first time in the early Spring of 1992; the scorch marks around the doorway from the petrol bomb attack were still clearly visible.

"20 years or so later its possible that the firebugs who were responsible for this are still living in the Leicester area. One hopes they`ve matured a bit since then and are now totally ashamed of their actions.

John Peacock (in centre wearing tie)

"John died, suddenly, in 1999. He`s remembered by his colleagues, old and new, by the forming of the "Peacock Club", an organisation within the Party with the aim of collecting funds. Members pay a fixed (minimum) amount per month and, in return, receive an invitation to an annual, swanky, black-tie dinner complete with invited Speaker at a special upmarket location.

"The Club fills at least 3 functions; one, it collects the necessary funds; two it brings together nationalists in a relaxing social environment and three, it keeps the memory alive of the man who `kept it all together in the E.Midlands during the early years when organisation, numbers and funds were few and far between`. This last phrase, surely, will remain as his epitaph, a line he would have scoffed at. Nevertheless I feel sure he would have approved of it. Now, in the Spring of 2009, John would have been completely amazed at the progress we`ve made; all in just 10 years.

"At a later date, perhaps half a dozen years on in the 90`s, a well-known local Nationalist leader regularly applied to Leics. Constabulary for permission to hold a public rally in support of/in opposition to some political event/scheme, whatever. This was always done in writing and through the proper channels; it was always approved.

"On the day in question, and and on almost every occasion, after the dozen or so members had turned up at the agreed and approved location, they were run-in by the local police. No, they were never charged with anything; how could they be, they`d got written approval from the top! But that`s what happened.

"Can you imagine, now in 2009 - bearing in mind last Saturday`s protest against OUR TROOPS by MUSLIMS in Leicester City Centre- what would happen today if the police had run THEM in ? Don`t bother to answer."

Anyone from the East Midlands wishing to join the Peacock Club and attend the dinner should email

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Newbold Verdon; proposed travellers' site

Newbold Verdon residents have been alerted to the problems of a proposed travellers' site on Kirkby Lane.
A meeting was arranged by the Parish Council and around 100 people gathered in the village earlier this month to express their disquiet over the proposal to David Tredinnick, MP for Hinckley and Bosworth. At the meeting on Kirkby Lane, Mr Tredinnick allowed that the consultation process had been fraught and the public had been unable to attend meetings.

Parish Councillor Mr. John Ryde, who was instrumental in bringing this issue to villager's attention, said at the meeting:

(Quoted from the Coalville Times)
"The site itself is unsuitable for development at all. The nature of it's position is in the middle of agricultural land and access to it is flawed. We have found certain wildlife there, such as a colony of bats which are protected, and there may be golden crested newts.

"The borough council, during the consultation, seems unwilling to meet with large groups of people. with access to meetings limited to a certain number.
"Many residents weren't even aware where the site was. They do not really know what is happening and the council is going ahead without the level of consultation expected.
"I read that we have 67% of the traveller population here. We have our fair share and that is enough. The site itself is not suitable and, if we do have to have it, there are more suitable sites.
"People at the meeting were very well behaved. They were not angry, just concerned about what is going on.
"The proposal is unsuitable and the council has made a bad choice."

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Rev. West conducts Morning service in Leicestershire

This morning, worshippers from many parts of Leicestershire gathered to take part in a Service conducted by Rev. Robert West of Lincolnshire.

The congregation, larger than is usual, joined in with the hymns and prayers and listened intently to Rev. West's readings from the Old Testament - Malachi 3:1, and Isaiah 40:1-8, and from the New Testament: St. Mark's Gospel,1:1-11, and his inspiring sermon which followed. He opened by explaining that this was a Gospel Church. That many of the Church clerics have lost the Gospel, and that he believes in going methodically through Scripture: you have to read it, whether you like what it says or not.

Rev. Robert West is a popular preacher who always draws a crowd wherever he goes, because his Services are traditional, and what he has to say comes straight from simple Christian teaching, untainted by the desire to pander to political correctness.

He was Ordained nearly 30 years ago by the Episcopic Church, also being Ordained as an Elder. After some disagreement with the direction the Church was heading he is now Free and Independant. He has preached to Church of England congregations too, and this morning expressed his pleasure at once more preaching in a Chapel setting.

When asked today about the BNP, Rev. West replied:

" The BNP is Britain's finest and most decent Party, and it is my view that they are being unjustly picked on for simply telling the truth and standing up for the native peoples in their own country."

We agree; we thank Rev. Robert West for his inspiring Service and wish him every success in his bid to become an MEP.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Support our returning troops - in Leicester

Soldiers are to parade in Leicester, with tanks, for the first time since World War II.

Some 150 troops from the 9th and 12th Royal Lancers will go to Town Hall Square on Monday following their return from Iraq.

The group Help for Heroes, which supports wounded servicemen, said it was an opportunity to thank the unit.
The article continues HERE

They will muster at 1pm in Town Hall Square and the route will see them marching around the centre of Leicester.It would be good to see as many people there as possible, cheering our lads home. It's the British thing to do.

News Update

We received an email telling us that a group of Islamists held a protest against our troops in Gallowtree Gate on Saturday. A burkha clad individual attempted to hand out leaflets to passers-by but was indignantly shunned by the decent people of Leicester.

We received two emails today from Leicestershire people who watched the Parade.

'Leicester Voice' wrote to say:
"What a magnificant sight it was in sunlit Leicester today as thousands packed the streets to cheer our lads on their return from hell torn Afghanistan.

The streets were lined with cheering flag-waving white Britons with no sign or sight of the "religion of peace'

I remember cheering our lads back in 1945, and to see this level of patriotic feeling in 2009 has given me renewed strength for the coming electoral battles that we are about to fight."

The second email, from Mike, reads:
Watched the lads march past at 1330 and without a trace of the `Lutons`!

BBC, who were everywhere, must have been grinding their teeth as hundreds and hundreds of Leicester people (of all backgrounds and races) cheered our boys back home from active service. Lots of folks-us included- were waving little plastic Union Jacks and cheering away madly. `Twas a great event!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Support our Troops

All right-thinking people in Britain and beyond will have been outraged this week when returning soldiers of the Royal Anglian Regiment (which incorporated the Royal Leicestershire Regiment in 1964) were subjected in Luton to a despicable display of abuse and hate by extremists. This was compounded by a flyer circulated in the town by muslims, inciting hatred and action against our troops (with a quote from their Koran), a treasonous offence; none were arrested, though it is shameful that 2 people objecting to these haters were arrested for supporting our soldiers. As it turns out, these very un-British muslims misjudged the patriotic people of Luton, and the whole country. Their vicious hatred succeeded in opening more peoples' eyes to the "religion of peace"; their tirade backfired badly.

Likewise, the murders of 2 soldiers and a policeman in Northern Ireland occasioned the utmost disgust and anger by the British public, not least by Irish people who abhor, like us, vile extremists in their midst.

The BNP has had a flurry of requests for information on the Party folowing this incident, and many ask: what can we do? How can we show support for our troops?
One way is to be present on the route when you know troops in your area are returning; applaud them, show the flag, and buy them a drink when you meet a soldier in your local pub.

Another is this very practical way and will cheer our soldiers' hearts:

Surprise Supplies

Originally set up by one of the mothers of a serving soldier, this allows members of the public to send Freepost small gifts out anonymously to the Troops serving abroad.

More ways for you and the Family to Show support to British Troops.
Please consider passing on the Link.

Show you Support our Troops by sending them Anonymous 'Suprise Supplies' ( Post Free )

Some Addresses to send to:

(Please DO NOT include Senders address as the Organisers do not wish the Troops to be distracted by feeling obliged to Write Thank you Notes.)

A British Soldier
c/o Capt P Williams MC
HQ 52 Infantry Brigade
BFPO 715
Op Herrick 7

A British Soldier
c/o Capt. S Beattie MBE
HQ Task Force Helmand
Lashkar Gah
BFPO 715

A British Soldier
c/o JI Branch
Op Telic
BFPO 641

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Battle for Britain Roadshow comes to Leicestershire

The British National Party's Euro elections campaign has begun, and on Monday, 9th March, it was Leicestershire's turn to experience the BNP'S Battle for Britain Roadshow which is touring the country.

At a superb venue in West Leicestershire, members and friends were treated to an evening which transported us back in time, while reminding us that our birthright of sovereignty and freedoms won so valiantly by earlier generations now falls to us to defend.

The scene was set by atmospheric music from the 1940s as the large room filled up and overflowed into nearby annexes. The evening started in earnest with a moving speech by Cllr. Peter Jarvis, who also introduced the East Midlands Euro Candidates; the Rev. Robert West then addressed the packed room, after which he said Grace and everyone was invited to tuck into a supper of "wartime fare" served in a candlelit room - bangers and mash, very tasty!

I won't go into details, as I don't want to spoil the event for those yet to see it, but there was a film which was nostalgic and also held a warning; poetry; a patriotic song which was a hit in the dark days of WW2.

To rousing applause, and a standing ovation, the Chairman, Nick Griffin, stood up to speak. His subjects encompassed the panoply of our past, our perilous present, and our uncertain future, while assuring us that the Party is on the edge of great things.
It was a stunning speech and his audience were visibly moved, many wiping away a surreptitious tear.

After his speech,the Chairman then auctioned an orange - remember, during wartime, oranges were like gold! But this was a special orange, it came with a stay at a luxury hotel and a romantic dinner for two! A second auction was held, while wartime personnel collected money in sandbags.

This event raised funds for the East Midlands Euro campaign totalling £1746 after all expenses were deducted. The evening also resulted in new enquirers, with some being inspired to join on the night.

We wish to thank all those who took part, everyone involved in the organisation of such a wonderful evening, both in front of and behind the scenes, and those who came from far and near to join us; it was truly memorable. For those who have not yet seen the roadshow, do be sure to get your tickets and experience it. You won't be disappointed.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Minutes of Leicester BNP branch meeting, February 2009

Minutes of BNP branch Meeting in Blaby District area, February 2009

The meeting was opened and chaired by Mike Robinson. 52 people attended.
The Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.
We held a one minute silence for Andrew Waudby who died so recently.

Organiser's Report by Geoff Dickens:
In the elections in Thringstone we achieved 28%; it was the first time we had stood there.
We won a council seat in Sevenoaks with 40% of the vote.
James Mole is now fundholder for the whole of the East Midlands.
Thanks to John Ryde for producing so many leaflets, and to Sue for doing the excellent blog.
Geoff spoke about the EU elections; the Rev. Rob West is our number one Candidate, with Kathy Duffy our second, and Peter Jarvis our third.
Geoff also told us about the upcoming events, the 1940s fund-raiser on 9th March, and St. Georges Day in Ravenstone on 26th April.

Councillor Paul Preston
Paul spoke about going along to your Parish Council meetings where you find out what's happening locally and get your face known. He encouraged us to try to get on our Parish Councils and then to get together to find out what's happening in other areas. Later in the meeting Paul was made Liaison officer for Leicestershire Parish Councillors.

Councillor Peter Jarvis
Peter also spoke about standing to be elected to any available seats. He said that what we do today will help us survive tomorrow. Where one in seven workers in this country are from overseas, we need to reverse this. Blaby District Council asked in a newsletter how we could reduce global warming, and in the same letter asked where residents would like to build hundreds of new houses. Peter said that 50% of carbon emissions come from housing stock.

Press report by John Ryde:
John told us about the Thringstone campaign, and said that we've got twelve weeks before the EU elections, the most important part of Nationalist politics is now. You all have to help so we have a future. People are looking for support and are looking for us! 65,000 leaflets have been printed here locally, get leafleting!

15 minute interval

Guest speaker, Peter Strudwick
Peter told us that millions of people would join this party if it wasn't for the dissimulation of information against us, but 2009 will be a salutary year for us. He left the Conservative Party when David Cameron spoke about 'hugging a hoody' ; he tore his card up and joined the BNP because the Lib Lab Cons aren't Nationalist.
Peter spoke on immigration, and told us that this country has been turned into a multicultural multi-racial society, without a referendum because we'd say no. He gave the instance of Jacky Smith giving the sanction to give jobs to 7000 illegal immigrants, and he wrote to her to say that she had committed the criminal offence of aiding and abetting illegal immigrants. The letter back was pathetic, he said.
He also told us that the Lisbon treaty states that an EU prosecutor will decide who gets prosecuted in this country. But the dawn of the new awakening is the rise of the BNP. We owe it to our forefathers, to our children and to ourselves.

The collection, with teas, raised £234.04 and 5000 Vietnamese dong

The raffle raised £85

The next meeting is on April 25th

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Local Tory councillor accused of punching neighbour

From the Leicester Mercury, Thursday March 5th, 2009:

A Tory councillor allegedly punched his neighbour in a longstanding feud.
Geraint Jones lost his temper and stormed up to the man "screaming and shouting", before punching him in the head, a court heard.
Hinckley Magistrates' Court was told the men had been arguing for years about neighbour Anthony Harrison having access to his home across Jones's property.
The argument flared when Mr Harrison walked across Jones's property to unload bags of granite chippings outside his home.
He said Jones hurled verbal abuse, then traced him to a nearby house where he was working and hit him.
Jones (61), a North West Leicestershire District councillor, denies assault.
Mr Harrison, a 47-year-old roofer who lives next door to him in Tamworth Road, Ashby, said the punch was thrown two hours later, as he worked at a house in Nottingham Road.
He admitted they had fought before, and that he had beaten up Jones while defending himself in the past.
On this occasion, he said the punch came out of the blue.

Rest of article HERE

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Thieves at Fosse Park - please read

A concerned member of the public has passed on the following warning to us from Neighbourhood Watch:

"The following message was sent on to me by another NHW Coordinator and I thought it would be helpful to pass it on to all in our area. If you shop at Sainsbury's in Fosse Park it is particularly relevant but it could happen anywhere.


"This is a report IN HER OWN Words of details of an incident that occurred on Wednesday 11th of Feb.
Please note and pass on to your contacts and friends. This message was received by one of our local N.W. members and I thank him sincerely for this information. This is what N.W. is all about."

Message begins: -

“This is what happened to me last Wednesday.

I got into my car in Sainsbury's car park and before I had a chance to put my key in the iginition there was a tap on the window of the front passenger door. Immediately the door was opened and a man started talking very rapidly to me in broken English. My first reaction was to lean across my handbag as this man was leaning into my car. He was trying to find out where the hospital was, so naturally I tried to point him in the right direction. He then thrust a large road atlas into the car and was trying to get me to point out where the hospital was on the map. He also had a woman with him and kept speaking to her in their own language as they didn't appear to understand what I was trying to say.

After a couple of minutes or so, they left me saying something about getting a taxi.

I went home and mentioned this to Steve telling him I hadn't liked the fact that they had actually opened my car door, and that of course most people would tap on a window and wait for it to be wound down. At this time I just thought it was a case of them not knowing that you don't invade someone's space like that.

An hour and a half after I had arrived home I went to get something out of my purse, only to find that my debit card and credit card were not in the purse.

I immediately rang my bank to stop the cards and was lucky, although they had attempted to take over £5000 they didn't use the correct PIN number. So I haven't lost any money at all which is good, but now I have the inconvenience of having no cards until the middle of next week.

The man had presumably removed my purse from my handbag, under the cover of the road atlas, passed it to his accomplice, who took the cards, returned the purse to the man, who then got it back into my bag. I saw none of this happen, it was all very quick. I was just trying to help them with directions, which was difficult because of the language barrier. They were very plausible. I hadn't even noticed them near my car when I got in it.

This all took place at Sainsbury's at Fosse Park just after 7 last night, I was in a busy area of the car park, near the main entrance, with plenty of people around. They have no CCTV watching the car park.

I phoned the police and they told me this and similar incidents have become quite common. So please watch out and pass this on to as many people as you can. These criminals also work with other people inside the shops who watch you entering your PIN number into the chip & PIN machine.”

16.02.09 Latest Update from our member:

Further to my last email reference the lady who has had her cards stolen, she has now found out that they have taken £500.00 out of her account, despite the bank saying that they did not get into her account. So when she paid for her shopping by card, another accomplice must have been watching and passed her pin details to the other two.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Labour targetting "minorities" for votes

Minority groups will get extra Government help to protect them from the recession

James Purnell: Going into bat for minorities

Ethnic minorities could receive extra help during the recession following Government fears they will be hardest hit as the economy deteriorates.
Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell announced a controversial drive to ensure ethnic minority workers are not 'left behind'.
He warned that employment levels amongst ethnic minorities fell by ten percentage points in the 1990s recession, more than other groups.
Mr Purnell, announcing the initiative in a speech to Labour's Black Asian and Minority Ethnic annual general meeting in Leicester, said it was vital to ensure the mistakes of previous recessions were not repeated.
'In the past too many were left behind in bad times. Ethnic minority workers suffered most in the Tory recessions,' he said.

Further, it is reported:

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) will assess the impact of unemployment on ethnic minorities, women, the disabled and older workers and advise ministers on steps to take.

Read the whole article HERE

How cynical; how divisive; how insulting. Add all these "minority" groups together and they become the majority, with one important group left as a "minority": younger white men.
But, as we saw with the launch of the Black and Asian campaign bus in Leicester last week, Labour are intent on exploiting those they deem to be their core voters and they don't care a toss who they discriminate against. Comparisons with previous recessions are worthless; for one thing, there were far less ethnic minorities here then (which Party overwhelmed us with immigrants later?); many of those could not speak English and were unemployable, while many others in Leicester alone were secretly employed in sweatshops run by their own people at starvation wages.
Women actually did rather better, as employers realised that they could dismiss men working full time, and employ women part-time on lower rates of pay.

We're all going to suffer in this recession; we should be pulling together, not disgracefully seeking to reward certain groups while wilfully neglecting others on racial, sexual, or other trumped up grounds to gain votes, as Labour actively do. The EHRC should be living up to it's name and telling the present Government how to act responsibly, not encourage them in this very unequal enterprise.


We welcome your comments on all articles; please keep them relevant, constructive, and, most importantly, ensure that they do not contravene the law in any way.