Monday, 23 February 2009

When Keith met Harriett...

Looking like a pair of wannabees at a cut-price Oscars ceremony, Keith Vaz gazes fondly at his companion, Harriett Harman, who coyly clutches a bunch of garage flowers wrapped in what looks like fortnight old Valentine paper. It all looks very cosy, and worthy of a scenario beloved of Hello! magazine.

But behind the cheesy smiles is a darker story. While Ms Harman strenuously denied speculation that she is manoeuvring to become the next Prime Minister, thus burying the real reason for her trip to our city, she was actually here to launch Labour's Vote 2009 Black and Asian campaign bus. Apparently, this is necessary as many from these particular communities are not registered to vote. Perhaps some are not eligible, or even interested in democratic elections? Mr. Vaz naturally has a high profile in this enterprise.

So, to any residents of Leicester who are not black or Asian, make a note: Labour are not interested in your vote. You don't count with them, they are not going to put themselves out to woo your vote. If they are so callous that they can discriminate between whose votes they value, are they really the Party you wish to see running our affairs in Leicester?


Anonymous said...

A pair of the most evil traitorous Brit Haters that ever walk the streets of Westminster

Keats said...

What would a gothic tale be without a Sir Jasper or Wicked Witch to demonstrate the forces of evil? But they always get their come-uppance in the end, don't they?