Friday, 20 February 2009

Thringstone ward by-election results

The results of the Thringstone by-election held on Thursday, February 19th are as follows:

Lab 593
Con 520
BNP 465 (28.1%)
Lib Dem 76 (in a seat they nearly won in 2003)

The turnout was high at 46.12% (postal turnout 78.6%); it has been said that the BNP only do well on a low turn-out. This result rather overturns that assumption.

This ward has not been contested by the British National Party before and is an excellent result for a first time out. The continuing high percentages gained by the Party show that disillusioned voters are increasingly turning towards the BNP.
The result is a disaster for the Lib Dems; perhaps they have given up now, in a seat they nearly won back in 2003.

Congratulations to the NWL team for their superb campaign; well done to all those who turned out to help in the recent dreadful weather, and also to the good people of Thringstone who voted BNP.


Wayne McDermott said...

On behalf of Roy Harban i would like to say thank you to weveryone who helped in Thringstone. Sorrywe did not deliver but 28.1% isnt too bad is it. Getting close to an MEP? ithink we can but we have to work work work these next 3 and a bit months

Anonymous said...

Yet again fascism has been defeated.

disappointed said...

Should have been a win.

Keats said...

A few short years ago, we'd have been happy with 6%, especially in an untried ward. 28.1% represents excellent progress so don't be too disappointed with this expected result.

Keats said...

"Yet again fascism has been defeated"

Yes, the Swanley, Kent result was amazing, wasn't it:

The British National Party has seized a seat on the Sevenoaks Council in Swanley, Kent, in its first ever outing in that ward.
Successful BNP candidate Paul Golding took a magnificent 408 votes to the Labour candidate’s 332 and the Tory vote of 247.
The seat was regarded as one of the safest Labour wards in all Kent.

We'll pass your amusing comment on the Swanley election to Councillor Golding.

Albion1983 said...

Anonymous said...

Yet again fascism has been defeated.

Has it? I thought the Fascist Party aka New Labour won.

Keats said...

"Has it? I thought the Fascist Party aka New Labour won."

Yes, in Thringstone, Albion 1983, but 'Anonymous' was obviously commenting on the Swanley result.