Monday, 2 February 2009

'Ello, 'ello, 'ello -wot's going on here then?

Leicestershire Constabulary have followed Thames Valley and the Metropolitan police forces by adopting the hijab in a bid to recruit female muslims. It seems that, rather than being simply being able to recruit people best suited to this type of work, the Police are constrained to targets; and the take-up among blacks and Asians falls short of the 15% apparently needed.

the Muslim community is cock-a-hoop at this development, seeing it as yet more progress towards the Islamification of Britain.

Of course, caving in to religious sensibilities does not come without precedent(unless it is Christian crosses or Sunday working); Sikhs working in the police have been allowed to wear turbans for some time.
But there is a difference; Muslim females are not allowed to touch any men outside their family - one new recruit refused to shake hands with Sir Ian Blair at a passing-out parade, an act of outstanding rudeness. So it rather begs the question, headscarf or no headscarf, how can these women apprehend male wrongdoers? Perhaps it is their job to pray for a quick arrest, while their burly male counterparts wrestle with non-cooperative drunks and violent criminals?

Still, as a nod to authority, the hijabbed policewoman will be able to wear a standard police hat on top of her headscarf. The mind boggles at the thought; perhaps they are hoping to laugh the criminals into submission!


Anonymous said...

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Mike Clarke said...

Typical Leicestershire Constabulary, anythings possible where Matt Baggott is involved!