Monday, 23 February 2009

BME Adults and Housing Strategy for Leicester

A resident in Leicester came across the following letter, which had been discarded in a skip. It is dated 14th August, 2008 and comes from the desks of Gunjit Minhas and Sukhi Biring. The notepaper is headed: Leicester City Council, with their logo.

It should be noted that it was shown to the Leicester Mercury, who refused to publish it. Also, Keith Vaz was asked about it, but he walked off and refused to speak about it. Why, if there is nothing to hide?
Here is the text of the letter:

"Dear xxx,
Re: Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Adults and Housing Strategy

The adults and Housing Department will be producing a BME Adults and Housing Strategy. The former Housing Department has previously produced a number of BME Housing Strategies. This is the first time that the Department will be producing a strategy covering both adults and housing services.

I am writing to you as part of the consultation process in developing this strategy. Below are a list of priorities we have identified from feedback from service areas in relation to BME issues. We would like your views on whether you think these issues should be included in the new strategy or if you have others that you would like to add.

Priorities for BME Communities in Leicester

*The need to encourage the development of large family accomodation
*Ensuring the needs of BME communities are included in regeneration and development initiatives.
*Regulation of private rented accomodation - many new migrant communities are reported to be living in private rented accomodation which is in disrepair and overcrowded.
*Advice and assistance for BME communities including specific tailored advice for refugees and migrant communities.
*Supporting BME led Housing Associations to provide culturally sensitive housing service to BME communities in Leicester.
*Access to low cost home ownership - Sharia mortgages.
*Promote individuals independence in their own homes, i.e. through the use of assistive technology, adaptations/aids and the use of individual budgets/direct payments.
*Extra care housing provisionfor Leicester's diverse communities.

Please contact us by 18th September 2008 to let us know what you think should be included in the next Strategy. you can write, email or give us a call. We can come and visit you or your group if you wish to discuss issues face to face.

Yours Sincerely

Gurjit Minhas
Strategy and Performance Officer.

Sukhi Biring
Service Equality Officer"


Discriminatory against the non-BME residents of Leicester? Racist? The antithesis of equality? We think so. Read it carefully if you are non-BME (White) and ask yourself why there have to be special strategies for certain communities; ask if the indigenous/white tax-payers of Leicester are ascribed an equally high level of care by Leicester City Council. But also take particular note of the encouragement towards large family accomodation and fostering of Sharia law in our midst. Then ask why our local newspaper and the MP for Leicester East refused to comment on it.

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