Thursday, 26 February 2009

Fuel Poverty Bill - how you can help

Cllr. Duffy has received the following letter, and requests that everyone read it and forward it on to everybody on your mailing list:


Over 5 million households are living in fuel poverty in the UK. The government has failed to end fuel poverty and tackle the scandal of excess winter deaths caused by people living in cold homes. Millions of people shiver through winter, or get ill. Or die!

As Help the Aged explains on its website: 'Many (old people) are forced to make the critical decision between heating and eating during the winter months. For 25,000 older people each year this decision is fatal. Fuel poverty is thought to be the main cause of excess winter deaths.'

On 20th March the Fuel Poverty Bill comes before Parliament. It will give the Government a duty to insulate the homes of people living in fuel poverty to a high standard. It requires your MP to be in the House of Commons to vote for it.

Your MP's absence on that day could mean that the Bill will fall. And this scandal of EWDs (Excess Winter Deaths) will continue.

Insist that your MP is in Parliament on 20 March to vote for the Fuel Poverty Bill.


(Write to him/her at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA, or phone 020 7219 3000)

Our elderly and poor need your help!

-Cllr. Cathy Duffy

We welcome your comments on all articles; please keep them relevant, constructive, and, most importantly, ensure that they do not contravene the law in any way.

Monday, 23 February 2009

BME Adults and Housing Strategy for Leicester

A resident in Leicester came across the following letter, which had been discarded in a skip. It is dated 14th August, 2008 and comes from the desks of Gunjit Minhas and Sukhi Biring. The notepaper is headed: Leicester City Council, with their logo.

It should be noted that it was shown to the Leicester Mercury, who refused to publish it. Also, Keith Vaz was asked about it, but he walked off and refused to speak about it. Why, if there is nothing to hide?
Here is the text of the letter:

"Dear xxx,
Re: Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Adults and Housing Strategy

The adults and Housing Department will be producing a BME Adults and Housing Strategy. The former Housing Department has previously produced a number of BME Housing Strategies. This is the first time that the Department will be producing a strategy covering both adults and housing services.

I am writing to you as part of the consultation process in developing this strategy. Below are a list of priorities we have identified from feedback from service areas in relation to BME issues. We would like your views on whether you think these issues should be included in the new strategy or if you have others that you would like to add.

Priorities for BME Communities in Leicester

*The need to encourage the development of large family accomodation
*Ensuring the needs of BME communities are included in regeneration and development initiatives.
*Regulation of private rented accomodation - many new migrant communities are reported to be living in private rented accomodation which is in disrepair and overcrowded.
*Advice and assistance for BME communities including specific tailored advice for refugees and migrant communities.
*Supporting BME led Housing Associations to provide culturally sensitive housing service to BME communities in Leicester.
*Access to low cost home ownership - Sharia mortgages.
*Promote individuals independence in their own homes, i.e. through the use of assistive technology, adaptations/aids and the use of individual budgets/direct payments.
*Extra care housing provisionfor Leicester's diverse communities.

Please contact us by 18th September 2008 to let us know what you think should be included in the next Strategy. you can write, email or give us a call. We can come and visit you or your group if you wish to discuss issues face to face.

Yours Sincerely

Gurjit Minhas
Strategy and Performance Officer.

Sukhi Biring
Service Equality Officer"


Discriminatory against the non-BME residents of Leicester? Racist? The antithesis of equality? We think so. Read it carefully if you are non-BME (White) and ask yourself why there have to be special strategies for certain communities; ask if the indigenous/white tax-payers of Leicester are ascribed an equally high level of care by Leicester City Council. But also take particular note of the encouragement towards large family accomodation and fostering of Sharia law in our midst. Then ask why our local newspaper and the MP for Leicester East refused to comment on it.

When Keith met Harriett...

Looking like a pair of wannabees at a cut-price Oscars ceremony, Keith Vaz gazes fondly at his companion, Harriett Harman, who coyly clutches a bunch of garage flowers wrapped in what looks like fortnight old Valentine paper. It all looks very cosy, and worthy of a scenario beloved of Hello! magazine.

But behind the cheesy smiles is a darker story. While Ms Harman strenuously denied speculation that she is manoeuvring to become the next Prime Minister, thus burying the real reason for her trip to our city, she was actually here to launch Labour's Vote 2009 Black and Asian campaign bus. Apparently, this is necessary as many from these particular communities are not registered to vote. Perhaps some are not eligible, or even interested in democratic elections? Mr. Vaz naturally has a high profile in this enterprise.

So, to any residents of Leicester who are not black or Asian, make a note: Labour are not interested in your vote. You don't count with them, they are not going to put themselves out to woo your vote. If they are so callous that they can discriminate between whose votes they value, are they really the Party you wish to see running our affairs in Leicester?

Friday, 20 February 2009

Thringstone ward by-election results

The results of the Thringstone by-election held on Thursday, February 19th are as follows:

Lab 593
Con 520
BNP 465 (28.1%)
Lib Dem 76 (in a seat they nearly won in 2003)

The turnout was high at 46.12% (postal turnout 78.6%); it has been said that the BNP only do well on a low turn-out. This result rather overturns that assumption.

This ward has not been contested by the British National Party before and is an excellent result for a first time out. The continuing high percentages gained by the Party show that disillusioned voters are increasingly turning towards the BNP.
The result is a disaster for the Lib Dems; perhaps they have given up now, in a seat they nearly won back in 2003.

Congratulations to the NWL team for their superb campaign; well done to all those who turned out to help in the recent dreadful weather, and also to the good people of Thringstone who voted BNP.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Vaz makes total fool of himself on Newsnight

Keith Vaz, MP for Leicester East, continues to astonish and disgust; one of his constituents contacted us to say:

"Leicester East MP Keith Vaz made an absolute fool of himself and a mockery
of Free Speech during a televised debate about Geert Wilders film "Fitna".
Vaz spoke with "authority" as to why Geert Wilders should have been banned
from Britain and then laughingly and with sniggers from the presenter and
other guests had to admit that he had not even seen the film.
One has to wonder, who in their right mind would vote for such a clown."

Watch the Newsnight footage HERE
for yet another abject lesson from Mr. Vaz on why he is not fit to be a Member of our democratic British Parliament.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Fitna - an urgent message from Nick Griffin

Defend Free Speech -Help Spread The Truth!

We all know that the creeping Islamisation of Britain poses perhaps the greatest single threat to freedom, peace and the traditional values of Britain and the West.

Hence the decision by the corrupt Home Secretary, Jacqui 'Jackboots' Smith, to ban the courageous Dutch MP Geert Wilders from entering Britain and showing his wake-up call film 'Fitna' is a direct attack not just on free speech, but also on the right of the British people to know the truth about the peril facing us all.

Fortunately, the Internet makes it impossible for the pro-Islamic political 'elite' to keep us in the dark any longer. All that is needed for the vital warnings in 'Fitna' to go viral is for enough people to forward the link to at least five contacts in their email address book.

If you have time to send even more, that'll be great, but five is enough. All you've got to do is to include with your email a message asking them to forward it to at least five people they know in turn, and ask them to do exactly the same. Then you can leave it to the awesome power of geometric progression.

If we don't all act together now, then in the years to come, if the yoke of Islamic submission and slavery is fastened round the necks of the men and women and young girls of this once proud nation, those who come after us will curse us for having done nothing while there was still time.

Stand by Geert Wilders! Sound the alarm!

View the film below.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Australian bush-fires tragedy

We have all been shocked by the toll the bush-fires in South-East Australia has taken, with fatalities expected to rise to around 300. Arson is strongly suspected in at least some cases, and police investigations are ongoing; one alarming possibility is highlighted in This Article., but it is of course only one theory at the moment. What is certain is that people have lost their lives, their families and friends and their homes.

The Queen has sent a message of condolence and sympathy; she has also sent a private donation to aid the victims.
Gordon Brown has sent a similar message and offered help; we don't yet know how much this amounts to, but as he sent £30 million in aid to Ghaza, I hope a goodly sum will be forthcoming.

Apart from official aid, the British people are notoriously generous when it comes to helping those experiencing disasters; think of their response to appeals for African famines, earthquake areas, and the East Asian tsunami when the government had to upgrade their/our contribution to match that received in the Red Cross appeal. This time, it is Australia that needs our help.

Families across the UK who have lost relatives and friends in this tragedy are grieving; many are anxious for the safety of loved ones, and others have had no contact since the fires started. These are the families and friends left behind when their sons and daughters left to make a new life in Australia. They are our people; one Leicestershire lady has told how she had a long-distance phone call from her son who had lost his wife and children, their home, everything, in a fireball that swept through their township.

The members of Leicestershire BNP (and we rather think members nationally will join us) wish to send their condolences and deep sympathy to all those affected by this devastating tragedy. Also, our admiration for the brave people dealing with the blazes and the aftermath.

The Australian Red Cross has set up a special Appeal for donations; if you would like to help please go to their website HERE
(1 Australian Dollar = 45p)

Monday, 2 February 2009

'Ello, 'ello, 'ello -wot's going on here then?

Leicestershire Constabulary have followed Thames Valley and the Metropolitan police forces by adopting the hijab in a bid to recruit female muslims. It seems that, rather than being simply being able to recruit people best suited to this type of work, the Police are constrained to targets; and the take-up among blacks and Asians falls short of the 15% apparently needed.

the Muslim community is cock-a-hoop at this development, seeing it as yet more progress towards the Islamification of Britain.

Of course, caving in to religious sensibilities does not come without precedent(unless it is Christian crosses or Sunday working); Sikhs working in the police have been allowed to wear turbans for some time.
But there is a difference; Muslim females are not allowed to touch any men outside their family - one new recruit refused to shake hands with Sir Ian Blair at a passing-out parade, an act of outstanding rudeness. So it rather begs the question, headscarf or no headscarf, how can these women apprehend male wrongdoers? Perhaps it is their job to pray for a quick arrest, while their burly male counterparts wrestle with non-cooperative drunks and violent criminals?

Still, as a nod to authority, the hijabbed policewoman will be able to wear a standard police hat on top of her headscarf. The mind boggles at the thought; perhaps they are hoping to laugh the criminals into submission!