Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A racist attack in Leicester

Leicester has long been touted as a multicultural dream, with people of many different races and cultures living happily together in perfect harmony; many residents though, particularly the white minority section, are well aware that the truth is very different, although you'd never guess it from the media. The press are quick to publish the fact that the attacker was white when the victim is a minority ethnic, but the reverse never happens, only a meagre description of height or clothing. Until now.

A report in Saturday's ,Leicester Mercury describes a racial attack on a young white man (in Kimberley Road, off East Park Road in Evington, which many people allege is a no-go area for non-muslims) and actually gives a description of the two attackers as Asian.

This is a breakthrough from our police and local press. All racial attacks need to be treated impartially; whether it is black on white, or white on black, it is still a racist attack and deserves the same treatment by the police. In this case, we commend the police for issuing the description of the attackers, free from bias, and the Mercury for publishing the salient facts, also refusing to bow to the prevailing media bias. It is to be hoped that this openness continues and spreads, now that our local police force and press have shown the courage to do it.