Friday, 30 January 2009

British jobs -but not for British workers

Back in 1997, Gordon Brown proclaimed to the TUC that he was instigating initiatives to "give a British job to every British worker". Actually, he was confusing 'British' with 'EU' workers and seemed to believe they are one and the same. But we thank David Cameron for his timely reminder this week that Mr. Brown had appropriated the British National Party's policy on this issue.

However, the 600 British workers at TOTAL's Lindsey Oil Refinery at North Killingholme near Immingham Dock, Humberside are not confused. They know who they are, and when IREM, an Italian firm, brought in 220 foreign workers, despite 5 UK firms tendering for the contract, they saw for themselves the injustices and health and safety dangers brought about by the EU's commitment to diversity - TOTAL fully signed up to France's Diversity Charter in 2004.

Yesterday, the whole workforce walked out, and then workers at nearby Conoco came out in sympathy with them. Others around the country have now joined them. These men are not striking over a petty dispute, nor are they demanding more pay; they are striking for a principle, namely that of putting our own people first. They feel that, especially in this time of deep recession, local British workers, skilled men with good British qualifications, should be given priority in the UK jobs market. They are right.

They are prepared to lose £120 a day, and risk the sack, to stand up for their fellow Britons. That takes courage at any time, and especially in the present climate of lauding foreigners while deriding the British worker.

On Friday, East Midland BNP members gave their support to the protesters, standing with them and handing out leaflets. The BNP Truth Truck arrived at Immingham, representing support from all BNP members countrywide. This was filmed by Channel 4, who interviewed our driver, Paul Golding.


Anonymous said...

Dear 'Keats'
Your article in support of the wildcat strikes in response to a contract going to Italian workers said nothing about the ongoing problem of work permits for non-EU workers being handed out willy nilly while Britsh workers are losing their jobs by the thousands. I think the country should be focusing on the real threat of foreign workers. See article.
Your faithfully
Jobless and disgruntled

Keats said...

Dear Jobless and disgruntled,
You make a valid point, and one that the British National Party is well aware of.
The article in question highlights a particular issue and the stance that brave British workers have taken to protest for all of us.
It has blown apart the notion that the British will do nothing while losing their livelihoods to imported labour.
The BNP is the only Party which stands for our own people; please join, support, vote BNP to make a difference.
We wish you every success in finding a new job soon.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the interviews I saw and read stated that the striking workers had no interest in the BNP.

Keats said...

"A lot of the interviews I saw and read stated that the striking workers had no interest in the BNP."

Weren't the interviews with Union representatives -do you think that the biased media would report interviews with anyone who was pleased to have BNP support?
Trust me, East Midland BNP members actually talked with the strikers themselves and they found quite the opposite reaction.

Anonymous said...

I fully support the rights of British workers and the disgust of the many recent strikers. However the hypocrisy of unions like Unite who have fully supported Blair and his cronies makes my blood boil. Immigration is still running at record levels! At my workplace a number of us are on short time guess who are working normally and even doing overtime ?????

Anonymous said...

The Tories have stood back and allowed the Marxists to take over our country their only interested in sticking their snouts in the trough.Well done, keep exposing these shysters!!!!