Friday, 30 January 2009

British jobs -but not for British workers

Back in 1997, Gordon Brown proclaimed to the TUC that he was instigating initiatives to "give a British job to every British worker". Actually, he was confusing 'British' with 'EU' workers and seemed to believe they are one and the same. But we thank David Cameron for his timely reminder this week that Mr. Brown had appropriated the British National Party's policy on this issue.

However, the 600 British workers at TOTAL's Lindsey Oil Refinery at North Killingholme near Immingham Dock, Humberside are not confused. They know who they are, and when IREM, an Italian firm, brought in 220 foreign workers, despite 5 UK firms tendering for the contract, they saw for themselves the injustices and health and safety dangers brought about by the EU's commitment to diversity - TOTAL fully signed up to France's Diversity Charter in 2004.

Yesterday, the whole workforce walked out, and then workers at nearby Conoco came out in sympathy with them. Others around the country have now joined them. These men are not striking over a petty dispute, nor are they demanding more pay; they are striking for a principle, namely that of putting our own people first. They feel that, especially in this time of deep recession, local British workers, skilled men with good British qualifications, should be given priority in the UK jobs market. They are right.

They are prepared to lose £120 a day, and risk the sack, to stand up for their fellow Britons. That takes courage at any time, and especially in the present climate of lauding foreigners while deriding the British worker.

On Friday, East Midland BNP members gave their support to the protesters, standing with them and handing out leaflets. The BNP Truth Truck arrived at Immingham, representing support from all BNP members countrywide. This was filmed by Channel 4, who interviewed our driver, Paul Golding.

Credit Crunch...what Credit Crunch?

Conservative councillors have shown just how out of touch they are with local people by including a 50% increase in their expenses as a priority measure into a draft budget to be considered by the ruling Tory executive on Harborough district council.

The proposal will boost their combined expenses by £86,000 a year.

This comes at the same time as many local people are fearful of losing their jobs due to the recession and Harborough District Council itself is looking to cut around 13 jobs.

The same budget also proposes increasing the District Council’s portion of the council tax this year by almost 4%. Leicestershire County Council have already announced that they are seeking a 3.5 per cent increase in their council tax take and with Parish councils, the police and fire services still to announce their requirements it could prove to be an expensive year at a time when people have less money to spend.

Harborough district BNP calls on Councillors to show that they are aware of the financial hardships a lot of people and businesses are facing at the moment and vote against giving themselves a pay rise at the full Council meeting on 23 February. The £86,000 saved could be better used keeping a few of the 13 Council staff facing redundancy in a job.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Advisory Council Minutes

A meeting of the BNP Advisory Council took place on Sunday, January 25th, 2009. Among those present was our regional Organiser, Geoff Dickens.

Many important facets of the Party's infrastructure and progress were covered; the Minutes have been published on our main website and you can read them HERE

We quote one item here as it is pertinent to our Blogs:

7. Blogsites
All local BNP blogs must change their names and operate instead as a local community website. Use of the BNP logo must be discontinued. It is impossible to control and oversee local websites centrally for legality of content and this measure protects the Party from any potentially costly legal challenges. Action: National Organiser

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

BNP launches exclusive E-Newsletter

From the BNP website:

"The British National Party has today launched a new E-Newsletter which will contain exclusive updates and news and appeals which you won’t find anywhere else!

"The newsletters, which form part of our most sophisticated election campaign to date, utilise the very latest technology and campaigning methodologies in the world. The first Euro Elections E-Newsletter contains an exclusive update from BNP Chairman Nick Griffin.

"Don’t miss it!"...[ more]

Read the full article, comments and, of course, subscribe HERE.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Peacock Club - fundraiser for the East Midlands

The aim of the Peacock Club is to raise money for the British National Party in the East Midlands. It first started out as the East Midlands Club but after the sad passing of John Peacock, our Regional Organiser in the difficult years of the late 80s and 1990s, it was renamed in his honour. John Peacock was a Nationalist through and through and sacrificed so much for the party in the East Midlands which makes being part of a club that honours his name extremely worth while.

The Peacock Club has helped put us in a position in the East Midlands where we have a good chance of European electoral success this June; we are nearly at our target of being able to deliver a glossy A4 leaflet to the 2.15 Million houses across the region. Extra members to the Peacock Club will help us reach our full target for the 2009 election push.

Membership costs Just £10 per month (or a one off payment of £120) for which you are invited to a free meal once a year with the Party Chairman in an East Midlands location.

Anyone wishing to join, please write to us at:
PO Box 8816, Coalville, Leicestershire. LE67 OBJ
with your name and address and we will send you a standing order form.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Sad death of BNP stalwart Doug Slater

We have received sad news today.

It is with great sadness I have to report the death of Derby Branch Stalwart, Mr Doug Slater. Doug was 86 years old and had been battling cancer for sometime. He was a man of sound principles, great humour and boundless energy he never missed the opportunity to meet fellow members and get involved in activities.

Doug had joined the British army as boy soldier to escape the grinding poverty of pre-war Derby. He served all over the world including action at Dunkirk, Palestine and Korea. He will be greatly missed by everyone who had the pleasure of his company. Doug never married and has no surviving family and we are inviting friends and BNP comrades to attend Doug’s funeral and ensure he has a true Nationalist send off.

Funeral Details:-

Derby Crematorium, Markeaton Lane, Derby, DE22 4NH
At 3.20pm
Monday 26th January 2009

All comrades very welcome.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A racist attack in Leicester

Leicester has long been touted as a multicultural dream, with people of many different races and cultures living happily together in perfect harmony; many residents though, particularly the white minority section, are well aware that the truth is very different, although you'd never guess it from the media. The press are quick to publish the fact that the attacker was white when the victim is a minority ethnic, but the reverse never happens, only a meagre description of height or clothing. Until now.

A report in Saturday's ,Leicester Mercury describes a racial attack on a young white man (in Kimberley Road, off East Park Road in Evington, which many people allege is a no-go area for non-muslims) and actually gives a description of the two attackers as Asian.

This is a breakthrough from our police and local press. All racial attacks need to be treated impartially; whether it is black on white, or white on black, it is still a racist attack and deserves the same treatment by the police. In this case, we commend the police for issuing the description of the attackers, free from bias, and the Mercury for publishing the salient facts, also refusing to bow to the prevailing media bias. It is to be hoped that this openness continues and spreads, now that our local police force and press have shown the courage to do it.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Shame on this Tory activist

Matthew Lewis, Chairman of Conservative Future and a graduate of Keele University, thought it would be a good idea to dress up as missing 5 year-old Madeleine McCann for a New Year's party. He even boasted about it on Facebook and, in spite of commenters' disgust, thought it was 'okay'. Lewis had aspirations to become an MP, but his career has been scotched as he was expelled from the Tory Party for his dreadful behaviour, though he claims to have resigned before he was pushed.

Matthew Lewis, left, with David Cameron

Though he has now expressed remorse for his actions, it is clear that persons of such immaturity and lack of compassion will be rightly condemned. He isn't the first young Conservative to display a crass, yobbish tendency, apparently their youth arm is well known for it, but this can be no excuse for his actions.

Mr. and Mrs. McCann, of Rothley, Leicestershire, have pulled out all the stops to try and find their lost daughter. We can only imagine their acute distress on hearing of Lewis's actions; the members of Leicestershire BNP send our sincere sympathies to them and their families for the hurt this incident must have caused them.

Friday, 9 January 2009

How long will British voters put up with EU swindle?

The European Union is without doubt one of the greatest swindles ever perpetrated on Britain, allowing unscrupulous individuals from across the continent to rob the British taxpayer.

The British National Party makes it quite clear that it is in no way anti-Polish or anti-Eastern European (as party chairman Nick Griffin’s recent visit to Eastern Europe proved).

However, we would expect Poland or any other nation to object to British nationals living in their countries and sponging off their taxpayers. In fact, we would support Polish objections to such a practice.

So it is not anti-Polish to object to Polish nationals doing precisely that in Britain — courtesy of the EU swindle which allows the practice.

It now transpires that nearly half of Britain’s 500,000 Polish workers are expected to leave in the next few months as firms are hit by the credit crunch — but they are leaving their families here or, even worse, sending them here, to claim benefits.

A family of four immigrants pockets an average of £715 a week in Britain. This includes £500 housing benefit, £95 jobseeker’s allowance, £36 child benefit, £84 in grants including council tax credits, carer’s allowance, maternity, paternity, and learning grants.

In Poland, a similar family would get just £178. The falling value of the pound making it less economic to send money back to Poland, many immigrants are flying in more relatives to claim cash.

They are keen to take advantage of Government handouts which are four times higher than in other EU states. It has been estimated that this scheme is likely to cost the British taxpayer at least £200 million a year.

Because of EU regulations, people from EU countries who have lived in the UK for a year are entitled to claim the same benefits as those who were born here.

Urszula Jukes, owner of Polish recruitment agency Access Europe, said: “For many the answer is to bring families here where they can support them with the higher UK wages and Government support.”

Jan Mokrzycki of the Federation of Poles in Great Britain added: “We think lots of single people who come here will leave but the families will stay for as long as possible.”

Hungarian coffee shop owner Tamas Fekte, 29, who lives in Cambridge, said: “I would never move home. The benefits here are so much better.”

Tom Wlodarski, of the East of England Polish Community Organisation, said: “Families are staying on as they feel it is better to ride out the recession here in England.”

Mark Wallace, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “The British benefits system is meant to be a safety net for British nationals who have fallen on hard times.

“Instead, due to Government laxity and EU rules, it has become a honey pot tempting people to take advantage of the taxpayers’ generosity.”

Latest Home Office figures reveal 895,000 Eastern Europeans have been allowed to work in the UK since the EU expanded to include former Eastern Bloc nations — Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Of those officially registered, 199,677 are now in receipt of state handouts, including child benefit, jobseeker’s allowance and housing support.

However, the figures, which only cover up to September last year, do not take into account the economic decline of the last few months and the massive job losses it will bring. In August 2007 there were 112,000 Eastern Europeans claiming UK benefits, costing taxpayers £125 million a year.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Pandering to "Travellers"

Hazel Blears, the Communities Secretary, has announced the first 43 locations where £21.6 million will be spent building new travellers sites or expanding existing ones, as part of the Labour Government's £100 million plan to house 25,000 gipsies and travellers. Read the Telegraph report here, and read the comments too - not one in favour of the scheme. Which is not really surprising as the general public are well aware of the problems and misery travellers cause, and leave behind them as they gaily dump their rubbish for Councils to clear up and pay for -for which, read local taxpayers. Ms. Blears and her ilk fondly assume that such people will happily pay their way in rent and council tax once a site is 'official'. Some may, of course, but as they are travellers, might it not be suspected that many will up sticks and move on before their liabilities become due?

Leicestershire will not escape this scheme, of course. Back in November, the LeicesterMercury reported on a secret document, left behind at a confidential briefing for Borough Councillors, which was leaked to the paper. Anger erupted after it was discovered that local Councillors and residents had been deliberately kept in the dark concerning:-

6 potential new sites possible in:

Earl Shilton
Stoke golding
Newbold Verdon
and west of Hinckley

4 existing sites potentially to be extended at:


Leader of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, Councillor David Bill said: "The information has not been made public because the matter's still confidential and is still under consideration.
"I am astonished that county councillors have been shown these leaked documents.
"We are still making our way through and no decisions have been made."

We suggest that there is a very good case for any matters concerning the residents, ie. Council Tax payers, to be made public -unless it is known that what they are doing is wrong, maybe? Also, who on earth might find it 'astonishing' that the elected representatives of these same taxpayers should be made aware of council plans?

Protests against having itinerents forcibly foisted onto these communities there will be a-plenty. Let us hope that there will be no more squeals of "racists!" as there have been in one area who objected to having their village downgraded.

Already, Groby is mobilising, as they have seen the prospective site there transformed recently; mountains of rubbish left by former travellers'10 years ago have now been cleared, hedges have been cut for the first time and gates have been secured to prevent access, leading residents to suspect that work is already underway despite H&B's Cllr. Bill's protestations. Leaflets put up by residents protesting the proposed camp have been torn down by Council officials.
There is a meeting to discuss the Groby site this Thursday, 8th January, at Groby Community College Drama Studio; the Rt. Hon. Stephen Dorrell, MP for Charnwood, will attend (Groby is within the Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, but in Charnwood Parliamentary constituency). Residents are requested to be there and make their concerns known.

In addition to the above, it was reported by the Leicester Mercury (Monday, 5th January), tucked away on page 7, that the Meynell's Gorse site at Braunstone is to receive a further Government grant this year of £35,755, following last year's grant of £21,570.

Nationally, £97,000,000 is available for grants between 2008-2011.
Go here to see a breakdown of what your Council claimed for travellers sites between 2006 and 2008.