Sunday, 21 December 2008

You couldn't make it up!

A piece on Ashfield BNP's blogsite caught our correspondent's eye:

"My wife and I visited a local RSPCA centre on Tuesday in the hope of adopting a dog as a companion for our Border Collie. After choosing a dog we went to the reception to ask how we could go about adopting her.
We were asked a few questions then told that unfortunately we were unsuitable to adopt the dog, on asking why we were told that as we have two young children it would be unfair on the dog who is very nervous, my wife pointed out that we had walked the dog in the paddock and she had seemed very happy playing and running around with the children. The RSPCA lady replied “yes that may be true but she has come from a Polish family and doesn’t understand any English…”
To say I was lost for words doesn’t come close - You couldn’t make it up!"

Well, the RSPCA should obviously employ interpreters for this kind of problem, though perhaps giving the animals English lessons might work out cheaper.

It does make you wonder though why these poor dogs (and other pets, of course) find themselves looking for a new, kind home; have they been dumped, or ill-treated? Yes, often, and it beggars belief as to how this can happen; and while most people love and cherish their pets, some time into 2009 we shall once again hear how many are left at animal rescue centres -Christmas presents that are no longer wanted.

I heard some reasons people gave for returning their unwanted pets on TV this week; two of them were:
"It's face looks like David Bowie"
"It doesn't match the sofa"
Hilarious, aren't they? But also, shallow, selfish and very silly - rather like the person at the RSPCA who denied that dog a good home because her politally correct mind had run amok.

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