Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Peter's birthday party a great success

All four Leicestershire Groups and Branches came together on Saturday, 29th November, to celebrate Peter's birthday, which he turned into a superb fundraising event for next year's County elections with £950 being raised from donations. This will be split between the four Groups.

Many thanks to all those involved in the catering department, raffle, quiz and horse-racing, and of course to the birthday boy himself for organising the evening. Thanks also go to Joey Smith who entertained us with his live music. To those who provided security, we say: "Well done!".
And above all, thank you to those who sold, and bought, the tickets.

A good time was had by all; similar events will be held in the near future and we wish them the same success as that enjoyed at Saturday's party.

(By the way Peter; where was my slice of birthday cake?! -Ed.)


Anonymous said...

Here's a little pressie, in case you havent seen it.
BNP are NORMAL people

Keats said...

Thank you for that, Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Well done for reaching the big 65.