Friday, 12 December 2008

Anti incinerator campaign and new fundraising CD

Many people in Leicestershire will be aware of the campaign in North West Leicestershire against having an incinerator for excess waste built in their area. Residents definitely do not want this health-hazard, which will impact on communities within North West Leicestershire district and those in the north of Hinckley and Bosworth district such as Stanton under Bardon, Thornton, Bagworth and others nearby.

Why should I be concerned about the health impacts of this project?

Waste incinerators are large sources of fine particulate matter. Fine particulate matter is particulate matter that is 2.5 microns in diameter and less. It is also known as PM2.5 or respirable particles because it penetrates the respiratory system further than larger particles. These particles pass through the nose and throat and become lodged in the lungs, aggravating respiratory conditions.

Scientific studies have found that exposure to PM 2.5 can cause illness and can aggravate breathing problems like asthma and emphysema. The US Environmental Protection Agency reports that people with existing heart or lung disease, asthma, or other respiratory problems, children, and elderly people are at the greatest risk.

Particulate matter also contributes to haze, which restricts visibility and contributes to the formation of ozone, acid rain, and global climate change. Ground-level ozone irritates lungs and can cause shortness of breath, chest pain, wheezing and coughing. According to the American Lung Association, long-term exposure to high levels of ozone can lead to reduced lung function, inflammation of the lung lining, and increased respiratory problems.

A report on the health impact of the MWIA-Waste Incinerator at Sint-Niklaas, Belgium found the following:

'Very striking is the high amount of young children with cancer in group 6 (Leukaemia and gland cancer).'

'A lot of young people (mainly women) who used to live in the neighbourhood of the waste incinerator, have problems with fertility, problems with pregnancy; and problems with birth.'

'after 13 years the occurrence of cancer is twice as high as anywhere else, and this is increasing to 5 times higher than anywhere else after the waste incinerator has been active for 20 years.'

'From the beginning of the waste incineration process people in the neighbourhood were found to have problems with breathing, eczema and allergies'

'Many years after their birth a lot of children in the area were found to have problems. These included: hyperactivity; disturbances of behaviour; growth retardation; disturbances of brain development; heart defects; learning problems; concentration disturbances; allergies; asthma; various sorts of mutations (autism, dwarf growth etc) mental defectiveness; motorical disturbances etc.'

'Lots of people in the immediate surroundings of the incinerator complain about chronical fatigue, insomnia, hyper ventilation, breathing problems, stress, stomach complaints, allergies and hormonal complaints.'

With prices of recyclable waste plummeting as the recession bites, if this is allowed to be built the Council will be tempted to burn even more waste than originally planned as it will not be worth selling on.

As usual, our BNP Councillors are in the forefront of this campaign and have done major work to bring it to the attention of the public.Two excellent articles, one on the dangers of incinerators and the other giving details of a protest at County Hall in September, may be found on Their Blogspot

Now BNP's NWL Branch have moved up a gear; they have got a local band to write a song and this has been played on Radio Leicester, getting a whole morning's coverage.
Councillor Wayne McDermott of Ellistown told us:

"Now I am asking for your help; we have a CD to sell which only costs £2 per copy with any profit helping the campaign. It’s a heavy metal band perhaps not everybody’s favourite but it’s the message we are selling"

This is a splendid idea and we join Cllr. McDermott in asking you to buy this CD. The important point is that it will help the residents in their battle against the incinerator. And what a great little stocking-filler for heavy metal enthusiasts, a real collector's item!

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