Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Leicestershire meeting, 6th December

Minutes of BNP branch meeting, December 2008

The Meeting was opened and chaired by Mike Robinson. Approximately 50 people attended.
The Minutes of our last meeting were read and agreed.

Organiser's and press report: Geoff Dickens

The leaked list: Geoff asked the room who had had abusive phone calls; about 8 people had, and Geoff told them to report them to the police, and any that call you 'white boy' to report them as a race crime. The East Midlands lost one member who had been with us for 4 months because of the leak, and 5 people who's membership had lapsed and have had abusive calls say they will re-join. Also someone who worked for Asda was sacked for being a BNP member and Asda was taken to court and had to pay him a large sum.

We won Boston by getting more votes than Lib Lab Con and UKIP put together. In Markfield we leafletted only and got 14% of the vote, where we were only getting 6%. Now we average 20%. Then Geoff explained how the voting for the EU elections works, and suggested that we might get a seat with only 13 to 20% of the vote.

We have a new group in Bolsover, with 60 people attending last week's meeting, and a man who's been a Labour town councillor for 14 years has joined the BNP.

Cllr. Peter Jarvis had a fund raiser when it was his birthday, and raised over £950 for us which will be divided between the 4 Leicestershire Groups.

Leicester Branch was Best Fundraiser for the 3rd year out of the last 6.
John Ryde was named Best Activist of the Year.

15 minute interval

Guest speaker

Jonathan Bowden spoke to us about the political and monetry situation in this country and across the world. He said that this 'crash' is similar to the one in 1929/30, although then there was 25% unemployment, with no social welfare! The crisis that is ongoing now, he said, will be very bad, and the reason for it happening is that the monetry system has been based on extreme gambling, where it ceases to be about things, and is about concepts. The average salary in Lehman's was £320,000 per annum, and one day the boss came in and told them they were all out, no pension, no more money, and they had an hour to get out. We have tied ourselves to the US, originally because of the war debt, and also because of the war; Atlee passed the Nationality Act, and said that the races of the world needed to be mixed together so that there would be no more war.

England is now 15% non-white, and 2 million white people have left London; and, out of interest, when Enoch Powell made his most quoted speech, he received 2 million letters, only 9 of which were against, and only one was abusive. The Kennedys reversed the non white immigration policy, and now America is only two thirds white.

Jonathan wondered what the sudden jolt of this economic chaos will do to us, and asked us all to leaflet, stand, raise money, attend events and do what you can for the people of this part of England.

In questions he was asked:
"Are you going to stand in the EU elections?" - "Yes"; and, "What's your second language?" to which he replied: "Latin." He added that the polls say that 56% of us want us to come out of the EU, and where that position was unacceptable, it's now the majority thought.


Collection with teas raised £231.57 and 1 US dollar (which we exchanged for 63p) and 10 Kenyan shillings.
Raffle raised £48.60.
The date of the next meeting is 21st February.

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