Sunday, 21 December 2008

Ibstock and Heather by-election, 18th December

Ivan Hammonds, our candidate in the Ibstock and Heather by-election on 18th December, very narrowly missed winning the seat. Last January, the result of that by-election in Ibstock shocked the establishment when Mr. Hammonds lost by 62 votes, placing the BNP 2nd. This time, he held his position but by a mere 15 votes. We congratulate him for that achievement and look forward to even more progress in this Ward in the future.

The real losers were the Lib Dems, as can be seen from this comparison of votes from this year's 2 elections in Ibstock:

January, 2008
Lab: 699
BNP: 637
Con: 515
Lib Dem: 441

December, 2008

We also wish to congratulate Cllr Wayne Mcdermott for organising and running a superb campaign, as well as his dedicated team and all the activists who came from near and far to help attain this result.


Cllr Chris Beverley said...

A great result, well done to all involved. Its a pleasure to be involved in such well organised campaigns (even if only for a day!)
(can you add a link to your blog please? thanks!)

Keats said...

Thank you for your help Chris, it was much appreciated.
We've added your link; best wishes to Morley BNP for 2009.