Monday, 1 December 2008

Is this the end for Vulcan XH558?

After thrilling people at air-shows during the Summer, the iconic Avro Vulcan bomber XH558 has returned to her hangar at Bruntingthorpe proving ground, where she was lovingly restored by a dedicated team. Sadly, she is grounded, due to lack
of funds to progress the Vulcan to the Sky project.

Many people have made donations to the project over the last decade because they appreciate the quality of this 'plane; if you've been lucky enough to see (or hear!) the Vulcan in flight, you'll realise what a splendid example of British engineering she is; and, besides this, she is the last airworthy example of her kind. We thrill with pride on seeing the last classic warplanes from WW2 flying, and the Vulcan deserves her place with them as part of our aviation history.

2006 saw a wonderful response to the plea for funding, which saw the Vulcan airborne this year. But this will always be an expensive project and we hope that Vulcan to the Sky's 2008/2009 campaign to raise a further £1,000,000 is successful. Click here to make a donation

There is a lot of information on Vulcan XH558 and the history of Vulcan bombers

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